What is a Hair Serum and Benefits of the Hair Serum

  What is a Hair Serum and Benefits of the Hair Serum and after Shampoo Hair Care

Are you someone who is use lot of hair products and Hair stylish tool? Though all these Hair products and Blow Dryer give use Stylish and Perfect  Look. But the after effects are more damaging to our hairs than the Bliss it gives us. There are many products available in the Market such as Hair spray and Hair Oil etc. Out of them all Hair Serum is the Best and most Budget free Hair product you can find in the market which is generally used after using Shampoo on your hair

What is a Hair Serum?

Our hair is exposed to the sun and pollution Almost every single day. While Hair Oil and Shampoo helps us get rid of dirt and grime from the Hair but it does not have any properties to protect hair from Environmental Damage. This is Hair Serum comes into the picture. Hair Serum is made up of Biotin ,Amino Acids and Ceramides. Biotin acts as Mask on the Hair shaft. It prevents hair Serum from Entering into the hair shaft. It makes hair shine and gives a smooth texture to it. Hair Serum plays a major role in making our hair Frizz free and shiny.

Hair Serum is a primarily used as a Finisher after you style your hair. Having said that It doesn’t mean you cannot use early in your hair Styling. Hair Serum has lightest consistencies of all the hair products available in the market. What makes hair Serum unique amongst all the Hair Products is that some Hair Serum will protect you from UV rays, Some are targeted towards Men with thin hairs to give the Bounce and Fullness

Having seen what Hair Serum is ,It is very important to know How to put Hair Serum on your Hair to reap all the Advantages out of it.

  • Hair Serum is generally applied on damp hair after you shampoo and Condition your Hair.
  • To reap most Benefit out of Hair Serum, use Hair Serum from reputed Brands only. Also, Most important things select Hair Serum which is formulated to suit your kind of hair. Don’t just go for Any cheap Hair Serum from Market. It won’t do anything.
  • Wash your hair or Shampoo if you want to. Towel dry you hair till it is damp. Then squirt a dollop of Hair Serum and Gently massage the Ends, Don’t apply it to your scalps as it is not means for that.
  • Allow your hair to dry and then you are on your way to use Hair products to style your hair.
  • You can apply Hair Serum after stylish your Hair as well. Generally Hair Serum which is meant to protect Hair from Sunshine is applied after stylish. Make sure you stay indoors for 30 Minutes after applying Heat Resistant or Heat protective Hair Serum.
  • Always start applying Hair serum from tip of the hair ,Hair breakage, dry locks and Splits ends is high towards end of the locks, Apply more of the Serum Towards the ends to get the shine and Smoothness.
  • Hair Serum are chemically based products, excess use may damage your hair than Cure it. Try to minimize the application to 2-3 times a week. Generally , Use it for Parties and Special Functions.

Now we will see all the Benefits that Can be reaped by using A Good Quality Hair Serum dedicated and Formulated for a Particular Types of Hairs.

  • A best Hair Serum works like a Magic on your Hair. It can rejuvenate and transform your hairs completely by giving it much needed shine and Moisture.
  • A hair Serum targeted towards Men with Thin Hairs Helps in giving the illusion of Fuller and Thicker hair.
  • A Hair Serum works wonder for Men with Dry hair who are prone to dry and dull hairs, It can give much needed moisture and also aids in Preventing Hair loss due to dry hairs.
  • Hair Serum is Best friend of people who don’t want to invest time on Stylish their Hairs with hair products ,just a tinge of Hair Serum can transform your look 360 degree.
  • Hair Serum gives you a soft and Relax look. It is most suitable for guys with longer and unkempt hair, Hair Serum will greatly reduce Tangles and waves in your hair and give you a crisp look.
  • Hair Serum is a great way to prepare you hairs fro Hair stylish. Men who wants to experiment with different hair styles can use Hair serum on their hairs before suing Iron or a Blow dryer, Hair Serum will make your hair manageable and you don’t to blow dry or Iron your hair for longer time as you normally do.
  • People with oily hairs can reap the Benefits of using a hair Serum made for oily skin. It will not only keep the excess Oiliness at bay but also gives you lustrous and luscious locks.



You have use Hair Serum in many different ways. Most of Hair Serum comes with detailed instruction on how  to use the product in a right way  to get maximum benefit out of it. We recommend to use Hair Serum Depending upon type of hair you have. Don’t overuse Hair Serum to achieve excess shine .It will backfire and ass excess weight to your hair

Once you decide upon which hair serum to buy and start using it, Use it for Couple of weeks and If you notice Hair getting thinner or drier, Change the Serum Immediately. Don’t keep on using it. Selection  of Right Hair Serum Vital.

Generally Hair Serum Comes with a Full Package along with a Shampoo and Conditioner. It is not a marketing gimmick to make us buy all the products from the Same Brands. The reason being , the Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Serum are manufactured by the brands keeping in mind all the ingredients and Properties they posses. If you apply all the above mentioned products  from the Same Brand, You will get maximum Results. Shampoo, Conditioner and hair serum should complement and go hand in hand with each other. Always select Best Hair Serum out of all  Irrespective of the price.











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