Best Jeans Brands for Men in 2018

Best Jeans Brands for Men in 2018 :Today we are going to talk about Jeans and Best Jeans Brands for Men in 2018. Jeans is a one fashion item that has transcended time and many fashion wardrobes as well. Jeans are most opened clothing wear and that is the reason why you see jeans are worn by everyone.

This doesn’t mean this natural piece of clothing doesn’t deserve any attention while picking it up from the shop. Fit and fabric of jeans are its soul and it takes time to find a perfect fitted jeans. After this most important factor comes in and that is the brand which is in congruous with the ft and fabric you need.

There are innumerable brands available in the market which offers Jeans in all possible fabric, fits and prices. With so many quality jeans brands at our disposal, we are puzzled and spoiled for choices. Don’t worry, we are here solve your problem and bring you most sought after list of Jeans brands that will up your fashion game.

All these brands are Not only popular amongst the everyone but offers what they promise with premium quality (Well value for money is the imperative factor while shopping)



Let’s embark the journey and see the Best Jeans Brands for Men in 2018 that are going to enhance your style and personality by many notches.


  1. Levi :      

    Best Jeans Brands for Men  


The first brand that makes the list of Best Jeans Brands for Men in 2018 is  Levi and no surprise at all. Levi Strauss and company is known as a pioneer of blue jeans. This brand was born in 1873(that’s seriously old) and since then manufacturing most stylish yet comfortable pair of jeans. Levi has transform itself like most top brands and have made necessary modification to the fabric and fit. You will latest types of jeans at Levi’s outlet, be it Regular, Skinny and slim ft etc. One great think about Levi as a brand is that it has always tried to be a brand for all people and which reflects in the prices that they sell their jeans.


  1. Lee :

Best Jeans Brands for Men

Lee as a brand needs no introduction, formed by David lee in 1989.Lee is the largest apparel company in the world and is favorite among the people due to the unbiased prices and varieties of clothes it sells. Lee  is the first company responsible for explosion of Blue jeans in United States. Lee’s jeans are cheaper than Levi’s on average. You will find humongous range of jeans of all types which will surely keep you on your toes.


  1. Calvin Klein :

Best Jeans Brands for Men

Calvin Klein is known for jeans that are especially designed to keep the sensibilities of urban Men. The brand founded in 1968 has aesthetic collection of jeans that comes at a price as well.

The best thing about the brand is this, in my knowledge it is the only brand which manufactures Jeans in all sorts of colors. You might get spellbound at times. Men who like to experiment with colors must look Calvin Klein, collection of jeans. Moreover, when it comes to price, they are more than average.


  1. Wrangler :

Best Jeans Brands for Men

Wrangler located in North Carolina, has outlets all around the globe. Wrangler jeans are for those men who want to experience style and comfort at pretty low price. Though, the brands sell some expensive pairs of jeans as well. Wrangler has always tried to outdo the competition by introducing various strategist, Such as, they have introduces several other lines like 20X,Riggs and Aura, which are targeted toward specific group and demographic. Jeans in all the different Fit and Fabric are available.


  1. Spykar :

Best Jeans Brands for Men

Spykar is an Indian Brand started by Prasad Pabrekar in 1992.Denim jeans are the heart of Spykar. The company has set up its won processing unit and gives the company the competitive edge to manufacture the jeans in types of fit and fabric they want. Spykar has always tried to produce better quality of jeans thanks to the team of Young designers it works with. Spykar  is very popular Jeans brand amongst Indian men .Keeping the per capita income of Indian men, Spykar have marked the prices as low as possible.


  1. Pepe jeans London :

Best Jeans Brands for Men

David Bowie is the name behind Pepe Jeans formed in 1973.Pepe jeans is United Kingdom’s most popular Jeans Brands and has been rivaling all the biggest brand for the coveted Number 1 spot.USP of Pepe jeans is in the Fabric they use, David bowie has instructed all the designers and concerned people to use best Fabric available in the Market. He believes that durability plays huge role in customer retention and rightly so.


  1. Flying Machine :

Best Jeans Brands for Men

This Indian Brand has been consistently manufacturing wide variety of jeans over the years. Flying Machine focuses on Contemporary styling and gives most importance to the ongoing trends. Every 3-4 months , brand releases newly produced Jeans in the market. They are not just focused on producing stylish pair of jeans, Flying machine has incorporated Nanotechnology and producing jeans such as Stain free jeans(do not get spoiled by tea, coffee or any other beverage.),Zero odor jeans and Bi-stretch jeans(Do not get de-shaped after repeated wear).


  1. Jack and Jones:

Best Jeans Brands for Men

Jack and Jones has been producing jeans for men since 1990.Ther innovation in unmatched among the competitors. They take pride in producing jeans that are not only durable but also showcase all the color-palate. Over the years, Jack and Jones have tried to salvage the prices and focused on men from the all earning background. This reflects in the prices that they have set, don’t think that quality is compromised because it isn’t. Jack and Jones will not disappoint you with the super comfortable fitting and fabric.


  1. Diesel :

Best Jeans Brand For Men

Diesel was started way back in 1978 by Ronzo rosso along with his former boss Adriano Goldschmied. In 2007,company  beachwear jeans for Mena and Women and It is selling like a hot cake .Being the premium brand it is, Diesel has been manufacturing Jeans with fabric that is best in the business ,reflected from the price of the jeans. No questions and doubts on the quality of the jeans and fit but the price can set many people back. Hope diesel realizes this thing and let a common man experience the jeans as well.


  1. Lee Cooper :

Best Jeans Brand For Men

Lee Cooper was founded in 1908 and certainly is one of the Best Jeans Brands for men in 2018 and so on. Since producing jeans with super comfort and fabric. The tagline of the brand is ‘Made to be different’, which says the kind of jeans it manufactures. They have an outlandish and sea of variety from stretch, skinny, slim and regular etc. The great thing is that the jeans are light on pocket and are definitely deserves a look.


Apart from these, they are various brands which are also quite popular for the kind of jeans it manufactures such as, Numero Uno (Famous for innovative themes every season),KLounge(Known for wide range of options),Denizen (Famous for premium fabric),Mufti(Known for mainstream style jeans) and finally John players (Caters to young men with plethora of jeans.)


Final Thoughts:

Jeans are way of self-expression and gives casual vibe to any outfit you wear. Do an extensive research, choose the brand that provides best fabric  and suits your lifestyle and body lifestyle and body type.


I hope you liked my list of Best Jeans Brands for Men in 2018 , If I missed any brand, share it in the comment box below.



All the jeans brands mentioned are selected from my personal experience as well as after discussion with family and brands.















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