Top 3 products Every Man should buy in Winters

 Top 3 products Every Man should buy in Winters: The temperature have started dropping slowly and steadily.Winters  are set to freeze our skin and minds. The most common thing men face in winter is dry skin. Dry air takes away all the oils and leaves us with rough and dry skin. We are going to see Top 3 products Every Man should buy in winters to feel confident about their appearances.

Men are either too finicky about their skin or lax about it. Every man should find a middle ground about the kind of skin care products they should use and how many o them as well.

Below are top 3 products Every Man should buy in winters to achieve a well-moisturized skin.

  1. G & H Body Lotion

Top 3 products Every Man should buy in Winters

The first product in the list of top 10 products Every men should buy in Winters is G & H Lotion.I have been using G & H body lotion since last six 9 months and I can say with gunpoint, it is the best body lotion I have ever used. A Years ago, when I was Into buying quality skin products, I was using Vaseline bdy lotion. My experience was not at all good. Then comes this magic body lotion by G&H and my skin never looked smooth and moisturized every single day. This body lotion is enriched with Honey and Glycerine(Natural moisturizing agents).The consistency is so light that one go it quickly assimilates into your skin. What I have been most impressed about is, the durability it offers. You can apply G & H Lotion on your arms, chest and back etc and your skin won’t get dry throughout the day.(As far as Winters in India is concerned.)The fragrance is not overpowering by any means, it is so light and mild. The good thing is that this 250 ml of lotion I used for more than 3 months and it cost just 396.Not a bad deal? Well, an amazing deal to be honest. Moreover, you can use body lotion in summers as well, it is not just for Winters. Especially, people who do lot of physical activity, their skin gets more dryer than normal.

            Buy it here



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  1. Vaseline 

    Top 3 products Every Man should buy in Winters


Winter comes with most common problem and that is chapped and super dry lips. Many men tend to ignore their lips and in the process ends up spoiling their entire appearance. Don’t know how many years I have been using Vaseline. This is the one product I have never ever changes in my life. Infact,my entire family uses same Vaseline petroleum Jelly. The thinner skin on our lips requires more attention than say skin on our face. We need to re-apply Vaseline after every two hours. No need to go for Expensive Chapsticks that are available in the market.

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  1. Aloe Vera gel

Top 3 products Every Man should buy in Winters

I have quite dry skin and it gets more dry in Winters. I tried using Moisturizer from Nivea and Clinique. Unfortunately, these moisturizers never worked for me. They are expensive on pocket as well. Then came Aloe Vera gel and I can’t thank Ramdev Baba for it. I don’t have fresh leafs of Aloe-Vera as my disposal. So, I go off-the counter Aloe Vera gel from patanjali. Aloe-Vera gel is rich in vitamin C winter which is one of the main components for moisturized skin. The smell is as light as it gets. Though, sometimes you might be unlucky and get a super liquidy Aloe-Vera gel.

Other than that this product is amazing. The 150 ml tube is more than suffice to last for 2 months.

Aloe-Vera works well on a dry skin. I am not sure about how that will react on every skin type. G & H lotion and Vaseline are not face care products, so they works on all types of skin, You need not worry about that.

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Buy these products and look dapper and confident without spending too much money in winters.

I hope you guys liked my list of Top 3 products Every Man must buy in winters. If you are using any product that is working well for you, share in the comment box below.



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