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Online shopping is fad these days .Both Men and Women from all ages regularly visit their Favorite E-Commerce websites. Online shopping provides you to shop any utility from comfort of your bed and couch. Online shopping saves your time and energy, as everything is one click away and your shopping bags are delivered at your doorstep. You have to no longer carry all your bags. Sound convenient and comfy. But sometimes, we spend more money on online shopping as we are spelled into buying more than what we need and n the process end up spending more money than we planned only to regret letter. You need to know some online shopping hacks that will make the process of shopping online more qualitative and easy on your pocket. Some of these online shopping hacks we are ware of but still we ignored them.

Online Shopping hacks

Today, we are going to see Easy and simple Online shopping hacks that we needs to incorporate in our online shopping and save our hard earned money(Even though it may 10 bucks, which you can spend on some other things later)

  1. Make a list of Products that you are going to buy

Knowing exactly what you need to shop can help you immensely. Being organized is way to go everywhere. The internet s loaded with E-Commerce website offering discounts and best deals. I Will recommend you buy things in bulk as you are not only going to save time but also can be recipient of exciting offers and discounts, when your total purchase go beyond a certain price. Always shop things alike from same E-Commerce platform for Example shopping clothes from a Clothes based Online retailer can be little cheaper than buying them from Amazon.

  1. Shop on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Next Online Shopping hack is ,Days matters a lot when it comes to online Shopping. Shopping on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday provides you with great discount and sales. As soon as clocks hits 12:00 AM on Tuesday, get ready and dive into your favorite online shopping.

  1. Keep products in the shopping Cart for few days

When you keep products in the shopping cart for few days, the E-commerce companies usually sends an Email to your registered email id pertaining deals and discount they are offering for the products kept in the Cart.

  1. Find Coupon Code

There are lots of Online websites especially dedicated to offering coupon codes for Online shopping. What you need to do is type ’Online shopping website name +Coupon code’ in Google search box. You will find umpteen lists of websites.

  1. Create Multiple Email ids and Multiple Accounts on Shopping Website

Best Online shopping Hack is to create multiple Email ids. Every account that you create on Online shopping website is bind to unique Email id. Mostly, All Shopping websites offers discount code for first time buyer when you read a benchmark purchase. By shopping from multiple accounts you will be liable to receive all the discounts.

  1. Take help of Chat Feature

Next time when you open a shopping website and you see Chat option to the bottom right, ask them about any discount codes they are offering or will be offered n future.

  1. Check out ‘Sale’ Page

Mostly, all E-Commerce websites have ‘Sale’ Page. Sale option generally have discount like, if you buy two products from same price band ,your total cost will be accumulated and you will be given 15%-20% discount.

  1. Install Comparison Site Add-ons

What a Comparison site Add-on will do is, when you land on product page, it will give a button to compare price of that product across all shopping websites. You can also see price graph of the products over a period of time. Moreover, you can set price alert as well. Buy Hatke, Price Tracker and Compare Raja are popular add-ons to name a few.

  1. Follow all your favorite Shopping websites on Facebook, twitter and Instagram

All E-commerce website publish their Sale and discount offers through their social media pages. While scrolling through your social media feed, you can find all the offers. You don’t need to visit E-commerce websites every time.

  1. Download Official App of E-commerce Website

One of the most underrated Online shopping hack is shopping through official app of your Favorite E-Commerce Website. Most of the shopping Websites offers more discount on their official app.

Online Shopping hacks

  1. Simple trick to buy low cost product without Shipping Charges

Add a product in your Cart and will see delivery charge over there. You will see one message which will say that add a product of particular amount to receive free shipping. Add the product of that amount and once you confirm the order. Just cancel the unnecessary product and you are done.

  1. Bulk shopping ahead of Festivals

Most Obvious Online shopping Hack is to shop ahead of festivals. Leading E-Commerce Websites like Amazon and Flipkart offers 3-4 days of bumper sale and discount on the eve of festivals.

Read below for more Online Shopping hacks

  1. Use credit Card:

If you can pay your Credit card bill on time, then paying through credit card over debit card is more profitable method. Refund is easier on Credit Card.

  1. Check with your Bank for discount on E-Commerce websites

This is one online shopping hack that goes under the table. You should immediately go to your bank and check with them regarding discounts they offer for a particular Website. If you don’t have time to physically visit your bank, then open your Net banking account and select ‘Shopping’ Menu. You will see detailed explanation of all the discounts and pre-requisites.

  1. Power of Shopping in Private mode

Each and every move of yours on internet while shopping is tracked. After searching on couple of E-Commerce websites you will see that prices shown to you are increased a little. These websites know what you have been looking around and this is being tracked through ‘Cookies’.

The best way to hide your identity is to shop in Private mode and delete all the cookies from your browser.

  1. Discount on Payment through a particular Bank

Leading E-Commerce giant Amazon offers additional discount when you pay through State Bank of India Debt card. Search for all such Online Websites and pay through the most prefer Bank to be a recipient of additional discount.

  1. Snub your Regular Online Website for a some time

Almost everyone ignore this Online shopping hack. There is fierce competition among all the E-Commerce retailers. They try their best to make sure every new Customer is a potential Return Customer. After shopping regularly through a particular Online portal and stop for good 2-3 months, there is a great chance of getting exclusive discount from your regular E-commerce website.

You must incorporate all these Online shopping Hacks into when next time shop Online. I am pretty sure you are going to save few bucks. Even though it may be nominal amount but what you save ,you can spend that next time.








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