My Morning Detox Drink to feel hydrated and full of energy

Morning Detox Drink

How you start the day in the Morning , sets the tone for entire day. It can dictate everything you do throughout the day. Drinking a Morning Detox drink helps you cleans your system and also helps to better your Immunity levels.It also helps in digestion process and control gastric problems.
What you mean by Detox drink?
Detoxification is nothing but cleansing your body. It helps in getting rid of toxins. Toxin affects our body’s ability to burn fat which leads to weight gain. All the major diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure are linked to weight issues. Detoxing the body helps to get rid of all the toxins stored in the fat cells and increases metabolism.

Morning Detox DrinkMy Morning Detox Drink
I am blessed with good metabolism, but I crave for fatty and oily food time to time which leads to Gastric and food poisoning. I have been drinking this magical detox drink since last one month and I fell more fresher and rejuvenated than before. I recommend each and everyone to drink any kind of Detox drink early in the morning. I prefer to drink it on empty stomach then I do my morning chores.
People who are obese or wants to reduce fat from their body this is a great source. In fact this is a great way to get rid of belly fat.
What you need to do is that after you wake up and have Morning Detox drink and then do cardio on empty stomach for 20 minutes. If you don’t have enough space then just do spot-jogging for 20 minutes. Trust me guys ,you will feel light on the stomach and that extra flab from your belly will disappeared in no time.
Now Let’s move to Recipe for My Morning Detox Drink
1.10-12 Mint Leaves
2.A medium Cucumber sliced
3.A Lemon sliced
4.One Ginger sliced or grated
5.A Jar of Normal Water
Note:You can slice the ingredients in any sized cubes you want

Direction to Make Morning Detox drink:
Well, you don’t need to do anything other than Mixing all these Ingredients in the Water Jar or Filter and let it blend overnight, If you have an Open Jar then you may or may not place the Lid on the Jar when you keep it Overnight.

Morning Detox Drink
I like to keep it in the Fridge overnight and drink it after 5 minutes of taking out from the Fridge. You can keep it at normal Temperature overnight .It won’t affect the durability in any which way. The reason for keeping it overnight is to make sure all the flavors of the Ingredients are infused into the water and you get to drink a refreshing Morning detox drink. The taste can get bit sour if you add more lemon, so try to add less Lemon in proportion to other ingredients.
Now , Let’s see How all the Ingredients works together
Cucumber is a powerhouse of Vitamin C that gives you glowing and healthy skin. Cuucmber is essential to slim body that you are always wanted to have. It is an Effective and healthy way to clean our body from deep inside. Cucumber is rich in water contents, almost 95% and fibers which is helpful is cleansing our body which releases harmful toxins. Moreover ,they are extremely low in calorie which makes them as essential item to have in your diet.
Ginger is healthy fat burner and healthy food which acts as Vasodilator as it helps the blood vessels to expand by improving blood circulation and boost your Metabolism.
Lemon is great source of natural electrolyte , Vitamin C and antioxidants which helps you maintain your body energy when you are on diet. It is recommended to eat Ginger in any from before going to Workout, you will get the requisite energy which you need to work out. Moreover, Ginger also helps providing glowing and hinders the process of aging.
It is a great appetizer and helps in cleaning your system. It is great source to get rid of Indigestion issue which is prevalent is most people. When your stomach feels heavy or bloated, take some mint leaves in raw or water from, You will instantly feel light in your gut. Mint has very refreshing flavour.It helps in suppressing your appetizer.

These miraculous morning Detox Drink will not only keep you hydrated throughout the day but also give you necessary energy and I am living example of this.
Do try this Morning Detox drink regularly and religiously and be patient. I am sure you will get desired result.
Thanks for Reading this article and If you have any questions or suggestions please shoot it in the comment box below



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