Interview with 2017 Rubaru Mister India Model International Mohit Sharma

Interview with 2017 Rubaru Mister India Model International Mohit Sharma

   Tall and Handsome Mohit Sharma from Himachal Pradesh was adjudged as Rubaru Mister India Model Internatonal 2017  held at Royal Castle in Gurugram, Haryana. Standing at 6 feet tall, this statuesque young man worked as Senior Software Engineer in Wipro Technologies in Bangalore. He is a fitness Enthusiast, Personal Trainer and likes to play Badminton. Mohit Sharma is going to represent India at Mister Model Internatonal slated to take place early in 2017 in Miami, United States. Mister Model international is one of the biggest Modeling contest for men, which has given platform to international male models  like Anurag Fageriya ,Phany Padraju and Victor Zanatta to name a few.

Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma was nice to take some time and share his journey from Senior Software Engineer to a Model and a Mister India Winner.

Mohit Sharma

  1. First of all tell me how you were discovered and how your modeling Career started?

I made some model friends at a party in Bangalore in year December 2014, they pushed me into I it saying I have good looks and physique to be a model.

  1. What has been your Favorite Campaign or Shoot till date?

A show for Mr. Tarun Tahiliani and a editorial shoot for Mr. Paresh  Lamba which got featured in GQ India July edition.

  1. What’s’ your Height Mohit and Measurements?

I am 6ft tall, 38 chest, 30 waist, 38 hips. I wear medium size garments.

Mohit Sharma

  1. You have walked for Famous Indian Designers, Can you tell us about that?

Yes, it was my dream come true when I did runway shows for famous renowned designers and brands. It’s always a pleasure to do such great shows.

  1. Recently you contested in Rubaru Mister India and as a one of the winners you are going to International Model contest. In spite of being as successful model why you choose Mister India ?

I would say that pageant choose me. I was in Delhi around February 2017, came to know about this contest from a designer friend.

  1. How’s your preparation are going on for Mister International Male model?

Preparation are going on full swing. I am working towards getting in best shape. I workout almost every day and keep track of my food.

  1. What are the must have characteristics of a Male model?

Positive attitudes, perfection and style are some of major characteristics of being a model.

Mohit Sharma

  1. They are different types of models, Ramp Models and Commercial model etc . Can you breakdown different types and where you fall into?

I love doing Ramp. Yes, there are many categories of a model. All categories differ on commercial basis. you get more exposure when you do big brand/designer editorial shoots as compared to runway model.

  1. Many people think having a great physique in enough to be a Model, what would you say to them?

No, just good physique is not only the criteria of being a model. Attitude, good height, good skin are some of traits of a model.

  1. As a model, you have to take care of body Hair, what are different methods you use to keep you’re your body fuzz free ?

Some time trimmer, some time wax, some time creams.

  1. You are a Fashionista of sorts, what is your Favorite piece of Clothing to wear on daily basis?

Tees and denims with jacket.

  1. Where you like to shop Online or Shopping Mall?

Shopping malls. I get to try First.

Mohit Sharma

  1. Do you like dressing up?

Yes, whenever I get chance I dress-up according to the occasion.

  1. As a model, Aesthetics are your Bread and Butter, Do you follow any Skincare Routine?

Yes, I make sure that my skin stays healthy and it looks young always. I mostly use home remedies like turmeric powder, besan, rice powder etc.

  1. You go through a lot of different hairstyles, Which requires lot of heat products, what do you maintain a thick and Luscious hairs?

I really don’t use much hair product and also try same during shows or shoots. I don’t stick to same shampoo or conditioner for long time. I like to keep them changing.

  1. What is your diet and Fitness Routine?

Yes, diet plays very important role in my life. I maintain my calories count and mostly eat less salty, not fried, no sweets, high protein diet.

  1. Which is your go to Exercise and why?

Weigh training is My Favorite Workout.

  1. How an aspiring model should get started in Modeling?

If you are tall, have a nice decent body, get in contact with the correct and concerned person or take part in Male Beauty pageant.

  1. Can you tell us Remuneration You get for a Particular shoot and what different factors that oscillates?

It’s always different depending on designer and brand. Sometimes it’s very good and sometimes it’s decent. I usually charge 15-20k for a day’s shoot.

  1. What advise you will like to impart to upcoming Models form the country, What are dos and don’ts ?

Don’t lose confidence, keep working on your goals, and don’t lose Focus. Work on your body and mind too. Don’t skip your studies also.

  1. You also work as Nutrition and Fitness Expert, How can people reach you?

I am a freelancer Personal Trainer, I am available for online and offline training. I give training by visiting the client place or on call by keeping the day to day track.

Mohit Sharma

  1. Finally, what are your Futures Plans?

As of now my goal is to win Mister Model International 2017 title and do much better in fashion modeling industry. Do shows for international brands and designers. Later, let’s see where my destiny takes me.

Mohit Sharma is very active on all the Social Media Platforms, You can follow him to stay connected and get a look into his life.

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