Exclusive Interview :  Debojit  Bhattacharya from Assam  winner of Rubaru Mister India Grand International 2017

Mister India 2017 : Debojit Bhattacharya

  Young and Charming Debojit  Bhattacharya from the  Northeast Indian State of Assam has won the Mister India Grand International  held on 25 February  2017 at the Royal Castle in Gurugram , Haryana. His Confidence and good looks coupled with a ripped body was enough to walk away with Mister India Title, piping Thirty five other Handsome Men all over from India.

Mister India


2017 Mister India , Debojit Bhattacharya now will represent India at Mister Grand International Competition scheduled to take place from 28 September and 8 October in the capital city of Manila in Philippines.

This Handsome hunk is Actor and Model by profession. This 5 foot and 11 inches model and actor has perfectly sculpted body that all the men desires and mesmerizing Black eyes. One of the most exceptional qualities that go under the carpet is his Politeness and Congeniality. Debojit is perfect candidate to represent India at International level and he is definitely going to bring laurels to the country wherever he goes.

Here is Transcript Of 2017 Mister India Debojit  Bhattacharjee:

1.Big Congratulations for Winning Rubaru Mister. India 2017.

Thank you so much. I highly appreciate your recognition.

2. How you feel now? Has it sunk in yet?

It is of course one of the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can still recall everything, every moment that I have undergone those beautiful days. I’ll remember it forever.

3.Tell us about your family background.

Well, my father is a retired professor of English, my mom is a homemaker and I have an elder sister, she is the Head credit assessment officer of the National Australia Bank and I’m really so proud of my family.

4.Did you always wanted to be a part of showbiz?

Yes, of course I think everybody comes in the glamour industry to be in the limelight. Likewise I also had a dream to be in the limelight and I’m really working very hard, polishing my skills and talent, to survive and to make a good impact and also to be an inspiration for everyone who follows me.

5.Before Becoming Mister India, you worked as a model and Actor and in 2015, you did your first Film Khel: The Game, tell us about that.

Yes, before becoming Mister India I worked as a model and actor. I think before making it big in the National level, l had to work on myself, take proper grooming and then hit the big challenge. So likewise I worked on myself, developing my talent, my communication skills and making proper goals. Talking about my film Khel, the game, it is of course one of the biggest hit in Assam. It was a very big opportunity for me I’m really very happy that I made my debut in the movie Khel, the game.

Mister IndiaDebojit as a 18 year old

6.You come from a small town of Naharkatia in Assam, tell us our viewers how difficult your Journey of Naharkatia to Mister. India?Yes, I come from Naharkatia in Assam but then again it was not a difficult task for me. I   firmly believe in the saying, “where there is a will, there is a way” and I had my visions clear to be a champion, my vision is to be Mister India and nothing could stop m

7.Family Support is Imperative for anyone. Did your Family supported your decision of Becoming a Model and Actor?

Yes, of course my family is very supportive. I want to mention my aunt (peshi) and my mom who supported me since day one. Honestly my father was not initially not very supportive but ever since I became Mister India they are  proud of me

8. Back to Mister. India, Most people think this competition just on a Superficial level, they think whoever has the Best Body Invariably wins the Entire thing, Does it the Case?

I don’t exactly believe in this thing. Of course having a good body is very important in every field. Coming to Mister India I think it’s more of a complete package, apart from having a good body we should also have a good IQ level, highly motivated and a strong leadership personality. So I think to become a Mister India apart from having a good body, we should first be a role model, a good human being and someone who can inspire people to become a gentleman.

9. There are lot of sub Competition in Mister India , How many and which of them did you win?

Yes, there are a lot of sub competitions in Mister India. Unluckily I didn’t win any though I was nominated. My goal was to win the main title and I did it.

10. Most popular and Controversial Round of a Beauty Pageant is the Underwear round? Are you comfortable in walking around on ramp in your Underwear in front thousands of people?

Yes, of course I am very comfortable. When you have a fit and toned body you can flaunt it in front of thousands of people confidently.

11.Being a Winner of Mister. India, you have to be groomed from head to toe, What is your grooming and fitness regime?

It is of course very important to be well groomed from head to toe. I follow regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing (sic) of my skin. I drink lots of water, exercise regularly and also have a good sound sleep

12.All the 35 participants who were selected for Final Round, has to go though lot of various sub competition and they are helped are renowned expert, tell us about your Experience of Interacting and getting personal guidance from these Eminent personalities?

Yes, I do feel very lucky by interacting and getting personal guidance from those eminent personalities. They gave us different ideas how to achieve our goals and to enhance our personality. It was a great opportunity for me to learn lots of things from them. They also spoke about their experiences and how they have overcome all difficulties in their life.

 Mister India

Debojit  In 2017

 13. Rewind to the moment when you announced as a Winner of Rubaru Mister. India.

Of course it was dreams come true for me. I really worked very hard to live that moment. From now on I believe I have responsibilities on my shoulder to keep the name of Rubaru Mister India always on the top.

14.Now, you will be representing India at Global Level with Grand International in October at Philippines. How’s the Preparation are going on?

Firstly, I really feel very lucky that I am getting the opportunity to represent India at the global level with Mister Grand International in October at Philippines. This is one of the biggest opportunity for me I’m really working very hard and also very smartly as well. I make plans, do regular homework’s and I have my visions clear to win the Mister Grand international 2017.

15. Do you feel the pressure or you are excited about Representing India at international Stage?

Of course I am very excited, I’m very very excited. However there is a bit of pressure but then again I think this pressure is good as it keeps me more serious and more passionate towards my goa

16. In 2015, Rohit Khandelwal won Mister. World, which draw much needed attention to Beauty Contest held for Men ,Did you had a chat win Rohit and asked him for some tips.

Undoubtedly Rohit Khandelwal’s victory uplifted the attention of beauty contest held for men. I never had a chat with Rohit but then again I keep on following his regular updates and activities. He is a big inspiration for everyone and I follow his social media updates, it’s highly motivating.

17.As you are a Mister India, I should ask you this question, what are the Qualities to be a Mister. India or to paraphrase, to win a Beauty Contest?

You need to be honest to yourself. You need to be what you are. To win a beauty contest you should be a complete package. You should stand as a role model. You should be a man of integrity.

 Mister India

18.We all Wish you All the very best for Mister Grand International 2017

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I can really feel the love and support. Please keep on supporting me throughout my journey and I promise I will never let you down.

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Debojit  is active on Social Network.Follow him to get all the latest updates.

Instagram:Debojit Bhattacharya

Facebook: Debojit Bhattacharya

We wish Debojit all the very best for Minster Grand international and his future Endeavors. We are definitely going to see a lot from this man both in modeling and Acting









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