Get The Look : Look Like Varun Dhawan in Denim Jacket

Look Like Varun Dhawan in Denim Jacket and Black Chinos

We all follow and replicate all the top Models and Actors in whatever they do, Especially kind of clothes they wear. When we see strutting their latest high Fashion look on a ramp, event or a Red carpet. We feel envious of their position and try to look for similar clothes in the shop or online.Today, we will see how you can Get The Look: Look Like Varun Dhawan, a Bollywood heartthrob and a millennium superstar who each and every young man adore and follow religiously.

We generally see Varun  Dhawan In his casual t-shirt and a trousers, not like he doesn’t look good. He does it Everytime. But this time he is rocking a denim jacket and He looks every inch of a high fashionable young man.

Let’s see the entire look and look like Varun Dhawan:

Look like Varun Dhawan

  1. Blue Denim jacket:

Denim jacket is in a fad these day. If you want to look smart and matured, just wear denim jacket. It does makes you looks stylish. Here, we see Dhawan is seen wearing as stylish blue denim jackets which has two pockets on each side and black colored button. A vertical and Horizontal line in the front on chest till the end of jacket is adding much needed glam factor to otherwise plain Denim Shirt

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Cost:1200 INR

  1. Grey Cotton T-shirt:

He has teamed up the Denim Jacket with A body hugged grey color Cotton t-shirt which has 3 buttons. The t-shirt has semi-visible horizontal lines throughout .Tough grey T-Shirt with blue denim jacket is a rare combination, but that’s what makes this look standout.

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Cost:947 INR                                                              

  1. Black Cotton Chinos:

He has opted for a Black colored plain slim fit chinos with Blue Denim shirt. He hasn’t one for a trousers with too much detailing or a flashy  patterns, which does not hinder us from the Blue Denim jacket and Grey cotton shirt. You don’t want both your top and bottom wear to stand out, one has sacrifice for other in order to look stylish and attractive.

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Cost:1049 INR

  1. Black Lace Up Ankle Boot:

The Black lace up Ankle boot with light yellow color lace is a perfect shoes that goes with the entire look with a matching blue socks .This complete the entire look.Way to go Dhawan.

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Cost:1999 INR

  1. Blue Dial Chronograph Watch:

This blue colored watch his blue watch case and white band makes up for a perfect accessories to go with Blue Colored Denim Jacket.

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Here’s how you can Get The Look: Look like Varun  Dhawan , You can get all the above similar looking Denim Jacket, Grey T-shirt, Black Chinos and Ankle Boots on Lime road. Though, all the clothes may vary in Colors and patterns.

The Total cost to Look liken Varun  Dhawan is tantamount to 22,879 if you buy from Lime road, if you take out the watch it will be equal to 5195.But don’t worry , I will share the alternative link from where you can shop the look. Just see below.

I tried to search all the Shopping website but couldn’t find an less expensive alternative to Denim Jacket  and Chinos. I have found similar looking variant for T-shirt and Shoes. And if you shop these two with denim jacket and Black chinos from lime Road then cost will significantly reduce to 3096 minus the Blue chronograph watch from 519

1.Grey Cotton T-shirt:

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Cost:349 INR

 2.Black Lace Up Ankle Boot:

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Cost:498 INR

My suggestion would be, if you want to shop the entire look from Lime road, then skip the Chronograph watch , as it cost 17864,which elevates the cost of entire look to sky high price. You an team up your everyday watch and still rock the look.

In future, I will bring in more such get the look of models and celebrities.

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