How to look good in Every Picture

Every Picture    How to look good in Every Picture


These Almost Everyone is carrying a Mobile Phone or Smartphone. One of the most used application or Feature of Mobile which is used frequently is a ‘Camera’ to click Selfies  which has become more of an Obsession ., nowadays you don’t need to have an Separate Camera to click awesome and clear pictures. Still, these mobile phones loaded with 10+ MP Camera cant click good photos in all the surrounding. If you want to look Good in Every pictures you click, you need to be careful about below points and will you definitely going to rock in every picture you click.

A picture convey everything and in this age of all  the social media network. You don’t want to lag being when it comes to looking good in your pictures. I will make help you to look good in every picture you click .

         Below are some basic things you need to remember and apply next time you click a Pictures to make sure you look your best in Every Picture


  1. Find the Right Pose

First most important thing is to find perfect Pose for you.  Remember, what looks good on somebody else might not look good on you. Every person has their own side or pose which makes them look more muscular, taller or lean. Click pictures in a pose which looks good on you and you will see every picture you click will come out best. One thing you can do is click pictures in all possible poses and see which one looks best on you. You will find your answer. Also when you click a picture your hands or legs should not look be in the same position, try to create an angle between them. A contrast makes for a really good pictures just see models on Instagram. People who have double-chin, what they can do is stick up your chin out and down. It will create an Illusion that you have a well defined chin.


  1. Find the Right Face Gesture and Posture.

Posture and Gesture are two of the most important things which make up a good picture. You face conveys more than your face .People can identify how you feel by looking at your face. Try to find perfect face Gesture , Some people looks best in Serious face, others might look best in a smirky and Mysterious facial expressions. Stick to whatever suits you best and you will see your pictures coming out good. Posture are also most important part of your personality, If you slouch or have a hunch back, It doesn’t look appealing. When you click pictures, push your shoulders back, It will not only elongate your neck but also squared out your shoulders. It will make you look confident which will lead to a appealing and an attractive picture.


  1. Find Good Lighting

Lighting is everything   when you click pictures. Lighting makes your face looks glowing, free of dark spots and especially under-eye dark circles which is a pet peeve for almost everyone. Always click pictures facing natural sunlight and any light you can find. Pictures which very little light on your face, just doesn’t look appealing at all.


  1. Every Picture

Angles are everything for a picture. When you are clicking a pictures make sure you are not in the center of the picture, place yourself in the first third or the last third, you will see your pictures are coming out better than before. Click pictures from all the side not just you Having Camera in front of you. You will see Pictures which are clicked from a different angle to you face will come out best.


  1. Find the Right Background

Well Background is something which can either take the attention away from the person in the person or can contribute to person in the pictures and act as a add-on. Never click a picture in a moving Background having Vehicles moving in all the directions, It  just doesn’t look good. A Background should not be too overpowering and should be kept as simple as possible. Also, one more thing I have seen people clicking selfies when there are hundreds of people standing or sitting behind them. Please never do that, it is not attractive at all. The picture should be about you not about anything else. Unless,  you want to convey something different.


  1. Find Inspiration

Instagram is a best source to look for different poses or angles. See the pictures of models from their Instagram feed and take Inspiration from the. I mean inspiration not replicating as it is. Find out which pose, clothing or whatever it is will look good on you. Lot of people use Instagram as a Pre-Requisite while clicking pictures.


  1. Take lot of Pictures:

It’s always good to have lot of option. Click a picture in a same pose from all   the different angle. Trust me, this is a great help when you are pondering upon which pictures Should   I upload next!


I hope all these seven basic things can make a difference and make you look best version of yourself in the pictures. All these things will contribute to making you look confident and will ultimately bring about a very good picture.












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