Interview with Former International level Tennis Player and a Model Joshua Chhabra





Interview with Former International level Tennis Player and a Model Joshua Chhabra
Joshua Chhabra, a young ,handsome and effervescent man is an epitome of self-belief, confidence and passion. A former tennis player, Joshua Chhabra won 2017 Gladrags Manhunt at the tender age of 21.Therefore,becoming youngest ever winner in the history of the competition.(The same competition won by John Abraham back in 1999).This Mumbai lad grabbed everyone attention in the competition with his piercing eyes and intellect. The strappy young man has body to die for. Not only Joshua is captivating with his looks but he has heart of lion. He has strong desire to strive for the society and keep on evolving into better human being every day.


Read below interview with Joshua Chhabra, as he shares his journey to the glamour world, various difficulties he had to overcome and future plans.



Joshua Chhabra

1.Can you tell us about yourself?
I’m simple guy with big dreams .And I’m pursuing my dream of being a superstar through my passion for Modeling and Bollywood. Being fit is a really important part of my life and it’s a lifestyle .I wear my heart on my sleeve and have a lot of faith in God that everything in my life shall work out for the best .Passionate ,Determined and I don’t believe in giving up .

Joshua Chhabra




2. How did you get started in Modeling?
As I entered my college life ,I was immediately offered to Model for my college .The First time I walked ,I absolutely loved it and had a natural flare for it and people loved my walk .After that I had great winning moments in events like Bombay times fresh face,Mr.Mumbai,Mr,University ,Glam icon and Face of Asia .Success in these pageants bought me in the limelight and I started getting professional offers.

Joshua Chhabra

3.You are from Mumbai and Mumbai being the hub of Modeling, was it easier for you to start with?
Nothing is easy. Infact, it was tougher and I say that because the common perception people have is that those from smaller towns deserve it more or are harder working and I don’t agree with that. Your place doesn’t define you. Also being from South Mumbai , they blindly think you have an attitude problem . Hence these stereotypes always came in the way. The only luxury I had was not traveling to another city.

Joshua Chhabra

4. You also won Gladrags Manhunt 2016, How was your experience of getting trained by Maureen Wadia?
It was a dream growing up .It was also my Fathers dream that I would be a part of Gladrags ,so being one of the youngest ever winners was a pure blessing .Gladrags with Mrs. Maureen Wadia was one of the finest journeys. She’s an inspiration and lovely ,hardworking woman and I learnt a lot from her and share good memories I will always cherish .

Joshua Chhabra

5.How you felt when you walked for the first time in a fashion show?
It was one of best feelings in the world for me and I absolutely loved it. Gave me a clearer picture of what I actually want to do ahead.

Joshua Chhabra

6.You were an international level tennis player. When and why did you decided to leave the sport?
I left competitive tennis in 2013.I was just 17 and figuring out what I actually want pursue and when I was sure that it’s this industry, I took that call. Something will always be special and teach you a lot about life and tennis has been that for me. But I won’t deny that a lot of Politics in the sporting system of our country contributed to my decision.

7. Which brands and designer have you walked so far?
I’ve walked and shot for Pro Sport,Nike,Puma,Jack and Jones,Celio,Pantaloons,Schwarzkopf,Depot,La intimo and Van Hesusen and walked for Majority of the Designers in the industry .

Joshua Chhabra

8.When you walk on the ramp, hundreds of people are gazing at you, does that make you self-conscious and feel awkward?
It makes me self confident and feels like I’m on Cloud 9 !! I love the ramp and the fact that everyone’s watching .Id chose that over anything and the credit goes to my college Modelling days where I got a lot of love and craze from people .That was the best feeling .

Joshua Chhabra

9.Confidence and courage are imperative qualities of a successful people, is there any way to improve one’s confidence?
I feel the problem with most people is that confidence fluctuates with wins and losses.I feel it’s important to take everything in the positive way,defeat is a part of life and even I’ve seen a lot of it but it’s important to get stronger with it and keep believing each day.Being positive will always help.



10.Going through your Instagram feed, on thing that strike me is your Bio which says that ‘Number 1 or nothing’. can you shed some light on that?
It’s been my Motto since day 1.I just hate losing . I hate coming second but that Doesn’t mean I’ll always win or I’m always number 1,people don’t get what I mean on this at times .What it actually means is that anything I do in my life,I give my best ,I want to be the best .The result may not always be Number 1 but the Purpose is Number 1 or Nothing.

Joshua Chhabra

11. You seem to be a fitness freak. What’s your fitness mantra and diet like?
Yes fitness is an integral part of my life, more so because I’ve seen the flip side of it being overweight .I believe in intensive training at the gym 6 times a week and I like Swimming for cardio. My diet comprises of grilled and boiled food high in protein and fibre .But Sunday is also important for rest and to binge on whatever I feel like as I’m a foodie.



12. What is important for men to look fashionable? What do you love to have in your wardrobe?
I feel more than what you wear, it’s how you carry it and it’s about being effortless and looking good and fashionable .i love shoes and watches and I wear more of white and bold colors as it goes with my personality .



13.Modelling sometimes wore people down. Do you have any back-up plans besides modeling?
The moment I keep a back up, it’s DOUBT! I’m going all out with Acting and Modeling and believe and have utmost faith in God that I will make it .It’s tough out there but that’s what makes it interesting.

Joshua Chhabra

14. How you want people to perceive you?
People will always have multiple perceptions ,I can’t change that .But all I can say is that I want to set an example, be a role model and inspire people and help as many people as I can and make a difference in my own way.



15. What are your future plans?
I’ll continue to do good Modeling projects .Hopefully I’ll be shooting for a big popular reality show on TV next week onwards .It’s not official yet so I can’t disclose. I am blessed to have Bollywood offers coming my way but more than doing a film ,for me it’s about getting launched in the best possible project since not being from the film fraternity ,my first film matters the most .Working on myself till then and believing the best will happen soon.



You can stay connected with Joshua Chhabra on below Social networks .

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