Exclusive Interview with Mister Grand Nepal 2017, Dikpal Karki

Exclusive Interview with Mister Grand Nepal 2017 Dikpal Karki

Dikpal Karki

Dikpal karki, 28 year model and actor from Kathmandu, a winner of Mister Grand Nepal 2017 and Participant of just concluded Mister Grand International 2017 ,held in Manila, where he was among top 15 shares his journey from Kathmandu to Manila. Dikpal Karki has also Participated in various Modeling Competition throughout his career in Nepal and Internationally as well.

The charming and handsome hunk caught everybody’s attention with 183 cm frame and chiseled body. His Congenial personality was a big hit among fellow contestant and judges during the competition.

In this Interview with Cheerspro.com, Dikpal  Karki  heartfully opens up and tell us about his Journey and challenges that he faced. He also gives a peek into his future plans.

Dikpal Karki

  1. Dikpal, you won Mister Grand Nepal 2017, congratulations on your success.

Thank u very much It’s been quiet few years even though thank u very much

  1. Tell us about yourself.

I defined myself as a dreamer. I dream a lot and I work hard to achieve my dreams. I am professional model, Actor, Veterinary doctor, Pageant Choreographer, Model trainer etc. I have long list of things that I do and I want to increase this list as much as I can even though I love to be known as a model.

  1. Have you ever worked as Model before Participating at Mister Grand Nepal 2017?

Yes definitely I have already worked as a professional model before participating in Manhunt International. I started working as a model from 2009 and I participated in manhunt in 2012. I have already done Dozens of major modeling assignment before Manhunt such as dozens of commercials, music videos and runway including Nepal fashion week 2009,2010 and 2011.Also I  had experience of pageant before participating in manhunt, I was already a winner of Mister Kathmandu 2009 and Mister Rajdhani 2009 which are also a national pageants here in Nepal.

  1. Did you always wanted to be a Model?

I always wanted to become a model and wanted to be in fashion industry since my teen age. I don’t know what attracted me towards it but I was always fascinated towards it since my childhood.

  1. Main Highlight of any pageant is Underwear round, are you comfortable wearing very less clothing?Dikpal Karki

Yes, I am very much comfortable wearing swimwear now. For the first time, I posed on swimsuit on my previous international pageant Mister Global 2016 at Thailand. I was not so much comfortable on how to pose, how to walk on swim suit and how I am looking in swimsuit. I was little bit conscious at that time ,even though I did really well at swimwear round and I made it up to top ten which gave me more confidence and after that I also got couple of more opportunities to do more swimwear suits as a part of my international modeling career .I had done shoot with international photographer for international swimwear brand at Singapore not just once but  twice it made me more comfortable about posing and body language, my angles in swimwear. So, now I am very much comfortable , and you can see my swimwear pictures from my recent pageant Mister grand international 2017, Philippines .I was appreciated a lot for my pose and conviction.

  1. What is the best way to prepare for an underwear shoot?

Preparing for under wear shoot oh god! It is very tough you have to follow a strict diet chart along with strict exercise routine and rest. Because nothing can hide your weakness as you are exposing everything, without well-toned physique, no matter how much experienced model you are, you cannot get confidence to pose in swimsuit. So it need months of strict and disciplined work out, diet plan and rest before posing in swim suit.

  1. Which sub contest did you won in Manhunt International Nepal?

At manhunt, I was the first runners up and also the winner of best in Talent. Besides that as I said I was winner of Mister Kathmandu 2009 and Mister Rajdhani 2009, also I represented Nepal at Mister Global 2016 at Thailand and placed at top ten. This year I represented Nepal at Mister Grand International 2017 at Philippines and I was placed in top 15 and won two sub titles, Social media star and People’s Choice.

  1. You have a great body, What is your fitness Regime?

Thank you very much, my fitness regime includes going to gym on regular basis to keep myself toned  and besides that I also practice martial art and dance to keep myself fit and when needed I also follow my strict diet plan.

  1. What is your diet and do you count your calories too?

I don’t follow any diet plan on regular basis but when there is shoot where I have to flaunt my body or when I am preparing for Pageant I do follow the strict diet .Yes, I  do calculate everything that I eat, I follow my dietician and fitness trainer who calculate everything that I eat, I take lots of Protein diet and fibers and reduce carbohydrate and fat content from my food.

  1. As a beauty pageant Winner, You have to look after yourself more than a Normal man would do, what is your grooming Routine?

I really don’t know how much normal men do take care of themselves. Yes, definitely being a model and pageant icon I do take care of myself a lot. First Thing, I love to take care of myself and second thing and take pride in looking good. If I have to talk about my grooming, I go to parlor on regular basis, especially for facial and hair treatments. At home, I do cleanse and moisturize my skin regularly. Also, I use sun block regularly. I avoid dehydration and try to drink a lot and eat healthy food to get good skin.

  1. We can see lot of Shirtless Pictures on your Instagram, How does one prepare for a Shirtless Picture?Dikpal Karki

As I said earlier you need strict exercise and diet plan to go shirtless as well like swimwear shoot. Because without well-toned body you cannot get that confidence to pose perfectly.

  1. What is the scope for a Male Model in Nepal?

If I have to talk about scope of male model in Nepal, I must say it’s not so easy for every random male model but model who worked really hard to make it, they are really doing good.I am working as a model since 2009 and I am happy and satisfied whatever modeling industry of Nepal has given me. Now international doors are also opening for Nepalese male models and I also have done couples of international assignments. This is how scope is increasing day by day not just nationally also internationally.

  1. Along with great body, you have impeccable style sense, how do you choose clothes and do you have any favorite brands?

Thank you for appreciating my style sense. I don’t have any favorites brand as such. I do not follow any brands particularly .I just follow my instinct to choose my wardrobes. I may pick it from anywhere from streets to normal shops to branded stores. I don’t take suggestions from others as well .I do follow my own sense of style. But for the events and special occasions, I love to wear well fitted designers outfits . I prefer to wear clothes from famous Nepalese designers like Manish Rai, Tenzin Teseten Bhutia, Kamal Manandhar, Laxmi Giri, manju Banjara Dhakal, Lazima Subba etc. I pick my outfits from street to normal shop to shopping mall to Branded shopping stores. So , there is no particular brand, shop or place where I do shopping of my outfits. First I plan on my mind what I want to wear next and I look for it where to find it .

  1. Currently you are Representing Nepal at Mister Grand International 2017 is Nepal, what it means to you?

I am just back from representing Nepal at Mister Grand International 2017, and I got top 15 placements and won two sub titles. It means a lot to me and proves that no matter from which corner of the world you belongs to, if you have it then, you will definitely get it. In my both international pageants, I left behind so many countries which are considered bigger and powerful country in global map. This is what I wanted to prove, if you have the potential, no can stop you.

  1. Finally, what are your Future Plans?

Right now my future plan is to continue with my modeling career both nationally and internationally. I have some international projects lined up. I am looking forward to complete those first along with projects in Nepal. I will definitely participate in one more international pageant soon .So, I will prepare for that as well. Besides that,I am planning to start my own animal rescue shelter home and looking forward to extend helping hands for that as well .If I get approached  for a good Nepali movie and  I will definitely gong to do it.

Dikpal Karki is also very active on Social Media. Follow him to  stay connected and get regular updates.

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