How to Smell and feel Fresh during summers for men in 2018:

Body odor is the biggest problem for men and in summers it persists even more due to hot and humid weather. The scorching heat aggravates sweating and ends up drenching entire body. Staying odor free and fresh during summers for men is a pretty big deal.

If you are someone who is struggling and fighting body odor, we have some tips or you that you can use to stay fresh and odor free during summers.

1.Shower twice a day :

Taking a bath twice a day in a step one two feel fresh and stay odor free. Take a bath after you wake up and before sleeping. You would feel fresh throughout the day. Using a good soap or bath is also very important. You can use Medimix or Dove Body Shower gel to take bath.

Medimix and dove shower gel has really nice and fresh fragrance which is light and instantly rejuvenates your body.


2.Get rid of unwanted body hair :

Excessive body hairs can be bane during summers. Due to body hairs, our body starts feeling the heat more than it is. If you are a really hairy man, then you should be trimming some of the hairs from your body. Especially, underarms hairs make our underarm more sweaty.Get rid of that bushy underarm hairs.

I  would like to recommend you to use Brio Beardscape Trimmer.


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3.Use Deodorant and antiperspirant :

Use antiperspirant after you take a bath in the evening so that your body starts sweat free throughout the night and use deodorant after you take a bath in the morning. This way you are going to stay sweat free and feel fresh throughout the day.

I would recommend you to use organic deodorant by organic fields of heather.


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4.Use antiperspirant on your feet :

We tend to ignore our feet in summers. Our feet get really sweaty especially if we wear shoes. To make sure our feet stay sweat-free, just spray some antiperspirant spray on your legs. Wait for 30 minutes for antiperspirant spray to settled down and then wear your shoes.

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5.Drink a lot of water :

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day at regular intervals will keep your body hydrated and sweat free.You will feel energized throughout the day.


6.Use Anti-Fungal Powder :

We guys tend to sweat a lot. So, what you can do is, after taking your shower, dry yourself completely and then use an anti-fungal powder. Use in all the body parts, underarms, groin, web spaces as you are wearing socks all the time, between your toes otherwise, you will get fungal infection pretty quickly, at back those prickly heats. Make sure you dry your body completely and then use anti-fungal powder.

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7.Use Anti-bacterial cream :

An anti-bacterial cream is something which will prevent bacterial infection around beard areas. In summers, bacteria grow into beard area. After you shave, apply anti-bacterial cream around beard areas. You won’t get those boils and razor blades at all.

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8.Wash your beard with Beard Shampoo/Wash :

No one likes to see men with dirty and smelly beard. These Beard shampoo and Beard washes are especially formulated to completely clean you coarse and rough beard. These beard washes and shampoo also makes your beard soft and conditions your beard.

I would like to recommend Beard wash by Real Man.


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9.Use Good Perfume:

When we talk about summers, we cannot forget Perfume. Don’t go overboard and apply a lot of perfume.Just apply a good perfume all over your body and you will smell fresh and vibrant.

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10.Drink Lots of water, tender coconut water, and buttermilk :

Smelling fresh is not only related to using fragrances and perfumes. What you consume also has a very strong impact on how you smell. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking Water, coconut water, and buttermilk. Stay away from aerated drinks and colas.


These are easy to follow 10 tips you can do to smell and feel fresh during summers. Follow all these tips on a daily basis and you will feel good about yourself every day













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