How to dress for an interview for Men

How to dress for an interview for Men: Today we are going to talk about how to dress for an interview. According to a study 55% of other person’s impression is based on how you look. And you don’t want spoil your chances of cracking the interview by dressing in a tacky way. Always dress for the job you want, not the job you have. A staggering stat,  around 75% of recruiter believe that how a person dresses for an interview affects one’s job, salary and possible promotion.

Let’s breakdown long list of pre-requisite on How to dress for an interview for Men

They say your smile is the first thing the interviewer sees. Your clothes are probably a close second.

From the moment you meet your interviewer, your appearance and body language are sending cues about the kind of worker you will be. Are you professional? Do you have good communications  and interpersonal skills? Will you able to  make your place in the workplace?

The interviewer has limited time to make these difficult evaluations and must rely on the information available. If your clothes are wrinkled or you are dressed too casually, it may seem that you do not take the position seriously.

Though these impressions may be far from accurate, you will be fighting an uphill battle to prove otherwise. First impressions influence the way the interviewer perceives all subsequent information about a person.

Below are two most important rule on How to dress for an interview for Men

Rule 1: Research ahead on time on choosing the right interview attire It’s a matter of knowing the corporate culture and the position’s demands.

Check out the website.Many corporate websites will show images of employees in their work routines. Use this as a clue. Also, review the career section for comments on interview etiquette.

Go to the source Visit ahead of time to observe the workers in context. If dress is casual, be sure that it’s not a dress down day such as Casual Friday. If you have any doubt call HR to ask what is expected. Many companies expect professional attire for interviews even though the office dresscode is quite casual.

Consider the type of position you are applying for Creative positions such as advertising and design may allow for a more liberal look. Positions involving high‐level consultations, or meetings with important clients may require a classical professional look. If you are unsure of what standards to apply, ask a business dress expert:

Rule 2: Incline towards Formality It is harder to overcome being underdressed than being overdressed. Dress like a professional and you will feel like a professional

If you feel overdressed

•Don’t Panic: You’re sending a strong message about taking the position seriously, •Politely tell the interviewer that the casual dress code gives the office a warm and familiar  atmosphere that you would like to be a part of

•If you can, discretely remove your jacket and drape it over yourchair

Read below for more on How to dress for an interview for Men

If You feel underdressed

  • Maintain a professional demeanor, to compensate for informal attire
  • Maintain an erect posture •Speak formally (avoiding colloquialisms and words such as “like”and (“you know”).
  • State that you were misinformed about dress code and will dress more professionally in future


Business Formal vs. Business Casual

Business Formal  “Business attire”is a full suit with matching pants, a dress shirt and a tie. It differs from the type of outfit you might wear to a wedding or evening event.

How to dress for an interview for Men


It is conservative, designed to be sharp but not flashy, and elegant but not overly formal. The idea is to showcase the individual, not the clothes.

Business Casual “Smart casual” is a more relaxed, yet professional look. A collared shirt, crisped pants. To add more substance to your casual clothes, don a sports coat. Avoid jeans, sneakers and T‐shirts. You should never dress completely casual to an interview.

The Look: Jackets and Pants Business Attire VS Smart Casual

  • Consider a subtle stripe, solid Navy or Grey.
  • For higher level executive positions, more prominent stripes are appropriate only  •Black suits are more formal and austere.
  • If you do wear black, soften the look with a blue shirt. Pants: Must match the color of jacket
  • To give more classical look, wear pleated plants.
  • A lean and slim man can wear flat pants,it may look bit awkward on bulky men.
  • A perfectly fitted suit pants and jacket with identical fabric is a must.

Khakis or slacks

How to dress for an interview for Men

  • A crisp crease is a must
  • A wool, cotton or micro-fiber
  • Darker shade looks more dressier.
  • Lighter colors err towards casual wear.
  • Avoid Jeans, sports coat or blazer.
  • Select a jacket in subtle and light colors to balance the look.

How to dress for an interview for Men


Business Casual

Dress shirt:

How to dress for an interview for Men

  • Preferably, shades of light to mild blue looks the best. If you want to choose another colors, pastels are safest,
  • Subtle patterns are fine
  • White shirts create a more formal look


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Silk Tie: Keep it subtle
  • Should coordinate with suit and shirt
  • Make sure pattern in your shirt, tie and suit are congruent with each other.


Casual Shirts:  Long‐sleeved are more business oriented

How to dress for an interview for Men

  • Button‐down is a neater look •Cotton or cotton‐blend •Solid pastels or small subtle patterns subdued patterns
  • Crisp, clean and pressed
  • Avoid T‐Shirts and black Sweaters: Sweater alone or under a sport coat is a great look
  • Never wear a sweatshirt Tie
  • Adds a touch of elegance

How to dress for an interview for Men

The Look: Shoes, Socks, Belts Business Attire


How to dress for an interview for Men

  • Clean, polished and black
  • Burgundy or brown are fashionable, but a little risky for an interview
  • Stick to black unless your matching skills are excellent.

How to dress for an interview for Men

  • Should match shoe color
  • Avoid overly large or flashy belts Socks:
  • Coordinate with suit
  • Same shade or a shade darker
  • Solid or with a subtle design
  • Never wear athletic socks.

The Look: Smart Casual


How to dress for an interview for Men

  • Clean, polished leather
  • Avoid sneakers and boots Belt
Coordinate with shoes
  • Avoid overly large or flashy belts Socks:
  • No bright pastel colors
  • Use muted tones
  • Don’t be remembered for your socks!

The Look: Accessories

How to dress for an interview for Men


Complete the professional look
  • Bring a conservative briefcase or leather binder, Should put everything you need at easy access: Reference letters, resume copies, notepad
  • High quality pen: Simple, nice, not overly ornate

How to dress for an interview for Men

To conclude everything on How to dress for an interview:

1) Clean and polished dress shoes.

2) Suit, shirt and tie clean and pressed.

3) Well‐groomed hairstyle.

4) Cleaned and trimmed fingernails.

5) Avoid cologne or perfume (some people are allergic).

6) Avoid flashy jewelry and watches. Keep it simple.

7) Well‐brushed teeth and fresh breath.

8) Check your attire in the rest room just before your interview.

9) Finally, make sure your tie is straight, your hair is combed and you are   ready for the moment.

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I hope you liked my article on How to dress for an interview for Men. I would like to know your viewpoints. Share in the comment box below.





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