Need of Hair Sunscreen and Best Sunscreen for Men’s Hair in 2017


Need of Hair Sunscreen

Are you someone who has dry ,dull, discolored and fragile hair, experience hair fall? One of the reason for it might be Ultraviolet(UV) rays. These Harmful UV rays are catalyst for many hair related problem. Therefore, need of hair suncreen becomes paramount .
Like we use sunscreen for our Skin to protect it from Sun to keep all the Skin problems at Bay. Similarly, we need to use a Sunscreen for our hair as well to keep it shiny and healthy.

So how does Ultraviolet Rays Impacts our Hair?
When Ultraviolet rays penetrates into hair, it triggers a highly reactive module called ‘Free radicals’. These free radicals tries to fight with our hairs vitamins and protein and if we are exposed to these UV rays more often and on regular basis these Free radicals is going to overpower and suppressed the natural nutrients of our hair which leads to below Hair Problems.

1. It affects Melanin:
Melanin which is responsible for giving our hair natural color, has some properties to protect the hair from Sun. Over exposure to UVA Rays to which will lead to free radicals wins the battle and in turn causes pigmentation which leads to color changes in our hair.

2. Hair Proteins:
Like UVA rays, UVB Rays also affects restraining power of our hair. It affects our scalp than UVA rays which causes superficial damage.UVB rays cause damage hair vitamins and proteins and loosens our hair shafts which subsequently leads to dry scalps.

Though the damage cause by UV rays is not as severe as to what it causes ,the reason being all the living parts of the hair which are responsible for our healthy hair lies under the reason. This doesn’t mean you should take it granted.
We need to religiously and routinely use Sunscreen for our hair to keep it super healthy and strong. There are many products which are available in the markets like oils, sprays and shampoo and conditions with SPF .We are not going to talk about these in this post.

We will now see Best Hair Sunscreen Available in 2017.

1.Kerastase Soleil Micro-Volie Protecteur Fine Dry and light mist for Unisex 4.2. Ounce:

This is probably the best Sunscreen available for Hair .This product claims to provide protection against heat and humidity. It not only shields your hair but also provides shine and soft texture at the same. People who color their hair often can greatly benefit from using this sunscreen as it will help to make you colored hair last longer. The best part about is that it provides hair protection for 10-12 hours, you don’t need to reapply it.

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Need of Hair Sunscreen

2.Shahnaz Husain Nano Hair Sunscreen:
This magical Hair sunscreen is especially made to suit the men’s hair and I could not stop praising about it. This Nani hair sunscreen comes in form of spray and does what it promises, strengthening your hair, conditioning and also nourishes too. Thought ,it needs to be applied after every two hours but with this price range ,it should not much issue.A delight to people who don’t want to spend too much money.

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Need of Hair Sunscreen

3.Aveda Sun Care protective Hair Veil 100ml/3. 4oz
This Aveda Hair sunscreen made up with green tea extracts, Organic flower seeds oil and vitamin E oil to neutralize the harmful effects from Free radicals due to excess sunlight. It can shield your hair up to 16 hours and also leaves great scent.
Need of Hair Sunscreen

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4.Redken Color Extend Sun Take Cover SPF25
This Redken sunscreen with SPF 25 when applied to hair scalp, effectively shields you hair against both UVA and UVB rays. It can provide hair protection up to 10-12 hours. Due to it’s high. When going to places where there is extreme heat the higher SPF Factor is going to come at your rescue.

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Need of Hair Sunscreen

5.Philips Kingsley Swim cam
If you are someone who likes to swim and especially during summer holidays, when the sun is at its zenith, This Sunscreen by Philips kingsley is going to be your lifesaver,The splits ends, frizzy and breakages caused by sea salt and chlorine in the water is going to be a thing of history. Unfortunately ,on Normal days ,this sunscreen leaves lot to the imaginations.
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Need of Hair Sunscreen

That was our top 5 Picks of Best Sunscreen for Hair.

Let’s see how to apply Sunscreen to our hairs.
The most important and basic things is whenever you apply any product or in this case a sunscreen the area should be properly cleaned and there should be any dirt .Sunscreen for hair are generally applied after shower when you hair is most cleanest.
Never ever apply sunscreen to wet hair as it. Make sure your hair is completely dry,take generous amount of Sunscreen if it in get based consistency and then gently rub into your scalp thoroughly to your locks.You need to massage it until there is no residue left on your palm. Try to concentrate more on scalp as that it gateway to all the hair problems. If you are using a spray based Sunscreen, then just spray over your hair and rest of steps are same as above.
You cannot go outdoors straightaway after applying a sunscreen, you need to at least dedicate 30 minutes after application to let the sunscreen assimilate holistically all over your hairs.

I am sure a lot you must have stunned after seeing the Cost of these Sunscreen,The reason being not many people are aware of sunscreen are needed for hairs as well.That’s the reason why, many companies are reluctant and bullish about launching their own Sunscreen. Dont worry, I will help you make a Inexpensive DIY Sunscreen for your hair which will give decent amount of protection from Sun.Not on same levels as above mentioned products though.

• Jojoba Oil(Buy)
• Aloe vera gel(Buy)
• Rose water(Buy)
• Grape seed essential oil(Buy)


Take generous amount of rose water, you can take normal water if you want.The rose water gives tour Sunscreen much needed fragrance.Add few drops of Jojoba and Grape seed essential oil, don’t add too much as it will make your hair sticky and greasy when applied, last but not the least, chuck in Aloe Vera gel to balance the consistency, You can alter the proportions of all the ingredients as per your will but make sure restrict the proportion of oils to as less as possible.
We want a consistency of the sunscreen like a Aloe Vera gel. I am not being pessimistic, but the only issue which I can see for this homemade sunscreen is that it needs to be applied on regular intervals and in extreme heat, may not even provide sufficient protection.
I hope this article on Need of Hair Sunscreen and provides solution to all your hair problem. Whether you want to use ready made sunscreen or a DIY, it’s upto your discretion.

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