Hair Products for Men| Stylish Options for Your Hair type

Hair Products for Men| Stylish Options for Your Hair type

Hair is big part of Men’s Personality. Unruly and unkempt are more than enough to send all the wrong signals about you. The ensemble of a modern gentleman is not complete until is sports a stylish and trendy Haircut. There are Inundated Hair products available in the market for Men. It is very difficult to identify which product which is best Hair product for your hair. Today  , I am going to breakdown different Hair products along with their purpose.

Let’s start and see all the Different hair products with their application:

  • Gel:

Hair Gel is one of the most Common Hair products used by Men. Hair Gel Comes in Variety of Hold strength from Light to Strong. Hair Gel is applied to towel dried Hairs.

The color of a Hair Gel doesn’t make much of the difference in how they work.

  • If you want a messy look,  then a Light and foamy gel can create that look.
  • If you are someone you likes to spiky hairs , then a medium hold should be enough to   sustain that
  • If you are going to any Formal party, then you need Hair gel with strong hold to sustain the look over the course of the day

When you buy a Hair gel, all the properties of that hair gel along with Hold and shine are mentioned on the label.

Product Recommendations: Giovanni Organic LA Natural Styling Gel,  Garnier  Fructis Style Pure Clean styling Gel

  • Cream:

Hair Cream is used add subtle and Natural looking shine to your hair. It gives low to medium holds that tames stray and frizzy hairs. Hair Cream is use for casual look and laid back look. High maintenance styles like spikes, Mohawks and pompadours cannot be made with Hair Cream. It requires strong hold. Hair cream generally works on most types of hair but works like magic for Thicker, Coarser, curly and wavy hairs , they may contain moisturizing elements like Silk amino acid and Chamomile to soften the hairs.

Product Recommendations: Oriflame Sweden  Hair Smooth & Sleek stylish Cream hair Styler, Brylcreem Anti Dandruff Cream Hair Styler

Hair Products

  • Wax:

Hair wax is the Hair product used for High Maintenance hairstyles like Spikes, Mohawks and pompadours which Requires strong hold and shine. In contrast to hair Gel which contains alcohol and has more change of drying out. Moreover, Hair wax is also Versatile, you can also used for casual and messy look. Hair wax are best recommended to be used on Straight or slightly wavy hair. If used on curly and extremely wavy hairs, adds extra weight on your head.Hair Products

Product Recommendations: UrbanGabru Rebel Hair Wax

  • Mousse:

Hair mousse in an extremely versatile hair product. It is also referred to as Stylish Foam is added to hairs to add extra volume and shine. Mousse is lighter than most Gels and Pomade. Mousse has several advantages; the light consistency won’t weigh down your hairs or form a crunch on hairs. Mousse is best stylish hair products for Thin and fine hair which requires volume boost. Hair mousse is applied on Wet hair before drying and styling. Mousse is effective in reducing frizz and helps to jeep hairstyle in place without stickiness of hair spray.

Hair Products

Product Recommendations: KMS California Add volume Styling Foam

  • Pomade:

Pomade functions similar to a Hair Wax. If you want to style a classic Pompadours, then you should take a look at Pomade. Pomade adds strong hold and shine to your hair. Pomade was traditionally oil based and very slick. They tend to dry your hair a lot. But, now, modern pomade are water based and gives to lighter to strong hold.

Hair Serum and Best Hair Serum for Men

Oil based pomade are less expensive than water based pomade and gives you strong hold and shiny look .The only downside is ,Oil based pomade are water insoluble, so it won’t wash with water. You need to use degreasing shampoo but that may strip your hair off its natural oils. Water based pomade are more costly and gives you flexible look throughout the day.Hair Products

Product Recommendations: Loreal Professional Homme Mat Matt Sculpting Pomade

  • Paste:

Hair Paste is thicker in consistency   than Pomade. Hair Paste gives your hair with medium to strong hold. It leaves natural shine and matte finish to your hair. Hair Paste is extremely versatile hair product which can be used on thick to thin hairs, straight to curly hairs and messy to combed hairs.Hair Products

Product Recommendations: Fellow Barber Texture Paste       

  • Clay:

Hair Clay is a new baby is Men’s hairs Styling Products. The reason why   it is named as  clay is that it is made up from Clay. Bentonite is the most commonly used clay. Clay is normally used on thick and coarse hair to give soft finish. It can also remove frizz from the hairs. Clay gives you little to no shine and generally used to achieve natural and dull look. Though, it gives you high hold which you can use to style your hair on Formal occasion.


Hair Products

Product Recommendations: American Crew Men Molding Clay

  • Hair Spray

Hair Spray is  after stylish hair Product . Hair Spray is sprayed onto your hairs to keep the hairs in certain style.    It is used to add hold and Support to your hairs. Hair Spray can make your thin and Frizzy hairs look voluminous and frizz-free. There are different Hair sprays available for Thin and Thick hairs which serves different purposed.


Hair Products

Product Recommendations: Loreal Professional Tecni Art Compressed Air Fix Spray


There are inundated Hair products available in the market, You need to choose hair products which are less chemically driven. Hair products should always be chosen depending upon kind of hairstyle you want. Also, Invest in a good quality Hair products. At the end of the day, it is the question of our hairs. Read all the Instructions carefully on the Hair products and then buy it.





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