Green Tea to get rid of Belly Fat

Belly fat is common problem across all age group. All of us resort to drinking plain water. The calorie free water hydrates your entire body. Water is best way to lose belly fat or fat. But green tea is close second to water in terms of health benefits it offers. Green tea is enriched with antioxidants and nutrients that improves our brain functions, helps in fat loss and also lower the risk of cancer among its many benefits.

Belly Fat
Green Tea accelerates the process of Fat Burning due to the compounds nutrients it contains. People with obesity can improve health and lose weight by consuming Green Tea every day.


We will see how Green tea helps in losing weight at faster pace when included in your diet regularly.
• Boosts Metabolism of your system
Great tea is rich with EGCG(epigallocatechin gallate),which prevents the growth of fat cells which causes belly fat n the first place. Green tea is full of flavonoids and caffeine which improves metabolic rate. From studies it is shown that, Green tea helps in preventing fats absorption and accumulation in our liver and heart.


• Mobilise fat from fat cells to burn fat
ECGC in Green Tea in the main compound nutrient which helps to break down fat in the fat cell and moved the fat to bloodstream. The active compounds help in the process of mobilizing fat from fat cells and subsequently reduce fat from the body.

Belly Fat

• Helps in fighting belly fat
Visceral fat in the body promotes insulin resistance which is main culprit behind diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
According to studies Green tea not only contributes to weight loss but also Visceral fat which is the main reason for fat accumulation. The antioxidants in Green tea help in combat stress which has close connection to fat storage n our stomach area.

• Reducing Appetite and immune system
Green tea contains norepinephrine and dopamine which activates nervous system and subsequently surpresses appetite. EGCG, again helps in this process as well. Moreover, Green Tea resists oxidants and radicals ,and strengthens immune system

Most important thing is buying Green tea from good brand. A cheap and inferior brand  won’t helps you burn fat.Organic India ,Basilur, Typhoo, Golden tips, Twinings, Happy valley,Lipton, Tetley and LaPlant to name a few.
Don’t wait and start brewing Green Tea as part of your diet and lose belly fat. Boiling water can remove healthy compounds and nutrients in Green Tea .So, after boiling water, wait for few minutes before pouring tea leaves.


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