Get the Look: Ranveer Singh

Get the Look: Ranveer Singh


Today we are going to discuss how you can dress like Ranveer Singh. Sounds interesting, right?

Let’s get started on how to Get the look: Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh is famous for his quirky, eccentric and out of box style sense. His unconventional looks have caught eye of many fashion enthusiast, and they also trying to dress like him.

Paparazzi and Fashion critics always looks forward to what Ranveer Singh is going to wear every event he appears.

No matter how he dresses he always grabs all the limelight and attention from the rest. The best thing about Ranveer is that he is so confident and sure of what he wears and that can be seen from his pictures.

Today we are decoding one of the looks of Ranveer Singh in Indian Ethnic Clothes.

Ranveer Singh in Bandhgala


Get the Look: Ranveer Singh

Let’s decode Entire ensemble one by one

  1. Bandhgala:


Bandhgala is a great way to add class and elegance to your traditional clothes. Not only you are going to look stylish but it makes you look fuller if you are skinny.

Here Ranveer Singh can be seen wearing a Navy Blue color Bandhgala with big golden stoned button with a pocket accessory. The color of Bandhgala and the fit gives Ranveer a chic look.

You can Buy a Similar looking Cotton Bandhgala at 13,490 rupees.

If you don’t want to spend such exorbitant amount on a Bandhgala, then check out this grey color cotton Bandhgala at 1799 rupees.


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  1. Kurta :


Ranveer is seen wearing a Bandhgala over a sold cream color kurta. The cream color of kurta and Navy Blue color of Bandhgala works like a magic over here.

You can a Buy similar looking this Knee long Cotton Kurta at 1199 rupees.



  1. Pyjama:


Ranveer teamed up the Bandhgala with crystal white colored well fitted Pyjama. The white color of Pyajama is able to keep the Bandhgala as center of attraction.

You can buy this Crisp white Pyjama at  295 rupees



  1. Shoes :


Ranveer Singh has opted to wear tan brown brogues, Just to compliment the dark color of Bandhgala.


You can buy this Brown Formal Brogue shoes by Buwch at 499.


You can choose to wear Brown brogues, Oxford shoes or Monk straps. Any shoes of brown color are a perfect pair to complete the look.


If you want to jazz this look a bit more, wear a Simple Silver color dial watch with brown Band. Also, you can wear this stainless still ring with glitter finish.


So if we tally the amount total amount buying grey Bandhgala instead of blue Bandhgala, then total comes to 3792 rupees. I hope you like my article on Get The Look : Ranveer Singh, please share your thoughts in the comment box below.












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