How to Get Six Packs Abs

Getting ripped and defined Six Pack Abs takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience. You need to do first lose fat and then gain muscles. The only way to achieve this is to workout consistently and persistently. After doing this you will get toned and muscular abs. To help all of you achieve your desired six packs abs, we have an Indian Actor and Model Swadeep Patel, proud owner of washboard abs to tell you what you need to do to get six packs abs.

Get Six pack abs by training and eating right way at your Home without spending exorbitant amount money. Six packs Abs are a combination exercise and diet.


1. How to warm up before abs Workout?


When we talk about warming up for abs workout there are no specific warm-ups designed for abs, you need to warm up your whole body because at the time of abs workout you may use your hands, legs and other body parts to do various abs exercises.



Six Pack Abs



  1. How to get most out from Abs workouts?


For better results focus on a diet which may include high protein intake and you can take carbs as a pre-workout diet but one has to follow this diet strictly to attain killer abs.



  1. How do we know that the Abs routine is working?


When you start working on your abs with proper workout and diet this may burn your fat percentage and you may see that your skin is getting thinner day by day.



  1. How long should one do Abs routine?


You have to follow abs routine till your body fat percent may reach to 7-8 percent for a normal person as you may end up seeing sharp abs but percent may vary to 4-5 percent for an athlete(body-builders, fitness models etc).



  1. Which abs exercises should one include in their workout?


Abs workout may vary from person to person but there  are some basic workouts that everyone can do for abs i.e.


  • Crunches
  • Leg – Raises
  • Flutter-kick
  • Plank
  • Heel-Touch


As well as, doing cardio which will increase your stamina and burn your fat, you can increase the level and intensity of the workout and add more variations to your abs workout.


For example: First, if you are doing your leg raises on the floor but when your strength and stamina is increased you may do hanging leg – raises.



How to Get Six Pack Abs



  1. How many should abs exercise one do per workout?


One can do minimum 4 to 5 abs exercise per workout.


Some basic abs workouts are :


  1. Crunches
  2. Leg-Raises
  3. Flutter-kick
  4. Heel-Touch
  5. Plank



  1. How many sets and reps should one do?


At least 3 sets with 10-15 reps are minimum per exercise of your abdomen; this may impact on your abs effectively. (Don’t go all out, take it slowly and you will see the result)





8. When is the best time to train abs?


Early morning time is the best time to do your abs workout because your stomach is empty and it may impact more on your abs and even you get enough time to recover your muscles.


9. Can one do same abs exercise day after day?


Yes, one can do same abs exercise day after day and can change or involve various abs workouts when their stamina and strength is increased to get more fruitful results faster.


10. How should one train if he s to lose fat optimally and achieve fast results?


One should be fully devoted in training, you should not rest in between after your set for more than a minute because there comes a time when your body starts burning fat and if you are resting or investing too much time on others things rather than a workout, then you will get flat and ripped abs.


11. Why is belly fat so hard to get rid of?


Belly fat is much harder to get rid of as compared to upper abdominal portion because whatever we eat(oily food, bad carbs, and high calories)excessively get stored in the belly and this is the reason that the percent of fat is much higher in the belly as compared to other body parts.



12. How often diet needs to be altered if at all?


Diet should not be changed until you attain desired abs and even after getting ripped abs one should follow a strict diet to maintain abs but, if you cheat with your diet your abs sharpness may fade away and get replaced with fat.


13.Will supplement helps to achieve faster Results?


Yes, it will impact much faster because supplements(proteins, fat-burners, and BCAA)help us to attain faster results as, it improves our muscle quality, recover our muscles and reduces the fat percentage in the body.


14.Finally, what mistakes people make when training to get six pack abs?


Dedication, Regularity, and Strictness during abs workout, your diet and patience are the main aspects to attain six pack abs and this is the thing where most the people are making mistakes because of which they end up losing abs.


Follow all the tips and workout consistently to get six pack abs


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