How to get rid of Pimples using Home remedies

     How to get rid of Pimples using Home remedies

Pimple are skin conditions in which our Sebaceous glands(Oil glands) are infected or inflamed by the bacteria. It is not a medical condition but it does make us fell disgusting and greatly thrashes our self esteem. Today, I will tell you how you can get rid of Pimples by following simple and cost-effective remedies.

There are myriad of Products which   claims to almost vanish the pimples, but these are just product placement. I am not saying that you shouldn’t use any readymade products for pimples but What I have seen that, in case of critical skin condition like Pimple the products which are expensive generally do the talking than the inexpensive ones.

Pimples Generally  occurs on your Face, Back, Shoulders and Neck. Pimples   looks like pink or sometime or red spot. If severe condition, you might see pus oozing out from your skin. Though , Pimples Dries after few day. But it leaves a mark or sometimes a permanent scar .

Pimples are so annoying to extent that it compel use to Poke and squeeze them regularly. By doing that you are damaging you skin and inviting impetus to your pimples more than diminishing it. Don’t ever pick or poke at your skin.




Now let’s see some Home Remedies which will greatly benefit us in getting rid of Pimples which we also take care of  dark spot which Pimples leave behind.

Before Applying any of these Home Remedies make sure you clean your skin, so that your skin is free of all the dirt and Bacteria .This  will greatly impact on how effective these home remedies can be.

One way of getting a clean and dirt free skin is steaming you face.

You need not buy a steamer for that. Just boil Water for 5 minutes and let it cool down a bit. Then immerse a clean towel and soak the hot water, Twist the towel to drain excess water. Then, let it sit on your face for 10 minutes. People with sensitive skin should not do it for than 2 minutes, remove the towel from your skin. Now, all the clogged pores and dirt is remover from your skin. Now, you are ready to try below Home Remedies.

  1. Cinnamon powder and Honey

Cinnamon is super ingredients in getting rid of pimple or any skin Conditions, it does by drying out the skin and then bringing the blood and oxygen to the outer skin surface. Honey has antibacterial properties which will only hydrates your skin but also repairs the skin and prevent it from Environmental damage. What you need to do is mix three tablespoon of honey with one table spoon of Cinnamon and apply this thick paste to Pimples or you can apply it to entire face as well and leave it overnight. Rinse it odd in the morning and you are good to go.

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  1. Apple Cider vinegar and Water

Apple Cider vinegar is an Natural astringent which is really helpful in getting rid of pimples and Acne. Mix One table spoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoon of  water. Moisten a cotton ball and dab it onto your pimples. You can leave it overnight or wash if after 15 minutes.

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3.Tea tree oil (Anti-bacterial) and Aloe Vera

Tea oil has great beauty benefits. It helps in removing Pimples, Acne or any other skin Condition. Aloe Vera is rich in natural nutrients and Fiber. It is a great way to cleanse your skin  and gives the necessary glow. We need a thick paste, so according to that adjust proportion of Tea tree Oil and Aloe Vera. Apply it to your Pimples and leave it overnight. Splash it off it the morning

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  1. Neem Leaves, Aloe Vera Gel and Lemon

Neem is such as Underrated ingredient which is often Ignored. It possess natural anti –inflammatory properties. It not only kills the bacteria but also reduces inflammation associated with acne and pimples. Lemon also has Anti-Bacterial properties and makes skin tone lighter. This requires bit of a work , Wash  Neem leaves and rind them in a mixture or in a Mortar, chuck in 1 table spoon of Aloe Vera gel and squeeze in  half a face. Apply this Green colored paste on your Pimples and Face and Let it dry which may take an hour. After that splash with lukewarm water. If you don’t nee leaves you can use Ready made Neem Leaves Powder

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  1. Colgate ,Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E

Colgate or a Toothpaste has clotting properties that reduces redness and bacteria which main source for Pimples and Acne. Vitamin E is great source of anti-oxidant and helps in eliminating Acne, Pimples and Scars. Mix all the Ingredients in a bowl, the proportion is 1 tablespoon for all. Then apply it Pimples, no need to apply to your entire face. Leave it overnight and then splash it off with water in the morning.

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6.Banana ,Rice flour and Curd

Banana has natural properties which helps to deal with bacteria and gives a glowing skin. Rice flour is an anti-ageing and good for pimple and acne prone skin. Curd contains zinc and lactic acid , former diminishes pimples and scars while latter hydrates the skin.

There are two way of using Banana, One is  cut the banana peel into small pieces and apply to your face back and forth, you can do this any number time during as day. The second one us mix banana peel, Rice flour and Curd an apply the paste to your paste, leave it for an hour. The longer you let in on skin, the better results it will give.

6.Camphor and Vitamin E oil

Camphor is great for pimple and Acne prone skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of Camphor helps in preventing bacteria and also a great source of skin lightening. Break the camphor tablet and add Vitamin E oil. If you want you can  also add Aloe Vera Gel. Apply this to your pimples and entire face and let it sit on the skin overnight. Wash it off in the morning.

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One more important thing, use dedicated towel or washcloth for your body and skin. When you use same Towel all the bacteria and oils which you have wiped from your body get transferred to your face which ultimately leads to breakouts.

You can These Home remedies according to the ingredients available in your country. I am not claiming that these Home remedies will completely vanish your pimple or cane in a week. But Consistent and persistent use will definitely bring about much needed change. Just have some patients. You can use these Home remedies every day if you want, they are no adverse effect. But make sure you clear your skin before applying these Home remedies. I hope this article on How to get rid of pimple is helpful to you in the process of getting rid of pimples or any other breakout


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  1. Yeah,They are more stronger in Intensity than Normal Pimples.Unless your hormonal Pimple is mild, over-the-counter (OTC) products usually aren’t successful.

    This is because hormonal acne typically takes the form of cystic bumps.You have visit a Skin specialist.


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