How to Gain Weight Naturally for Skinny Men

How to Gain Weight Naturally for Skinny Men

If you are a man and embarrassed by your skinny Frame and Looking to gain weight by lifting heavy weights n the gym, it s very important to pay heed to your diet. Diet is most crucial and imperative that gives you Calories and Protein, subsequently helps you gain weight. Altering your diet along with right exercises helps you gain weight quickly. Moreover, you have to be patient, don’t expect overnight transformation.

Lebanese model and athlete, Gaetan Osman, Winner of Manhunt international Lebanon 2017, enlightens us about right way to gain weight and build Muscles.

  1. I want to gain weight , from where should I start?

The Kitchen! If you’re skinny then you’ve either got an extremely high metabolism or you’re just not eating enough! Find out which of the two but in both cases you will need to increase the amount of calories you eat per day! Do a BMR test, and surplus your daily consumed calories to gain weight. Then start working out like a possessed animal.

  1. Should I start bulk eating to increase my weight?

Bulk eating is a method of the old where they’d eat crazy amounts of calories to gain as much weight as possible only to end up losing most of it when they go back on a cutting phase. There is a smarter way to gain lean mass and that is to surplus your daily consumed calories by a mere 200-300 calories. Anymore and you will risk gaining a lot of fat while bulking.

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  1. What are the most Essentials foods that one should eat in order to gain?

Protein, Protein and more Protein.  In my case, My metabolism is not as crazy as my Instagram makes it seem but I have found that my body reacts better to protein heavy diets plus I love meat . But this is different from person to person, there is no universal diet that will give you the best gains, start with a particular diet and start tweaking it till you find the sweet spot. It goes without saying that artificial and processed sugars spike your insulin and encourage your body to go into fat storage mode so avoid them as much as possible. Focus on whole foods with a high fiber content and lean protein foods such as turkey breast, chicken breast, lean ground beef (keep it limited), Salmon, Avocado, Ginger, brown rice, broccoli, eggs (the yellow is good but don’t go crazy on them), Quinoa, blueberries blackberries, green apples, …etc.

This is a good list to start but a quick Google search and you’ll find a whole lot more.

4 .For a beginner, how they should start their workout?

Before they start a workout they should focus on technique! Something I wish I was made aware of in my early lifting years because it would’ve avoided a lot of injuries. What people need to understand that working out should start with a marathon mentality rather than a sprint mentality! If you want lasting results then you should expect a journey that will take a bit of time. So, research on how to perform a decent dead lift, squat, bench press, overhead press etc. and take your time with these movements. They’re called compound exercises for a reason; they’re complex and get your whole nervous system involved. Develop good lifting habits because it is easier to develop a new fresh habit than to fix an old bad habit. 400-500 reps to develop a fresh new habit, 3000-4000 reps to break an old bad habit… you choose which path you’d like to go down.

Once technique is nailed down, start your workout with compound exercises that target the muscle you’re trying to work out for that day.

  1. Is it possible to gain weight by just eating healthy and doing cardio?

No, cardio is an Aerobic. You need to put your body under anaerobic stress such as sprints and lifting weights. Compare a sprinter with a marathon runner and you’ve got your answer.

  1. for a skinny people, should they increase time of their workout?

Nothing more than the average workout, what they should be increasing is the amount of food they consume a day. Longer workout will mean they burn even more and would ultimately result in them becoming skinnier (if that’s even possible)

  1. Is it possible to gain weight by reading information on Google?

I’m assuming that what you meant whether you can find the necessary information online to help you gain weight and yes of course. Anything can be basically found online but the information is scattered so I can understand why many find it such a confusing topic.

  1. Which is most helpful exercise which helps in gaining weight?

Compound exercises and a lot of sets of stuffing food in your mouth.

  1. How many reps and sets one should do?

This is a bit vague as this differs also from one person to another and the goals of that particular person. Generally speaking if you want to gain strength then lift heavier weights for lowers reps that strain the nervous system (1-5 reps), If the aim is to gain muscle then 8-12 reps would provide better results. But I have to mention again that this is generally speaking, keep tweaking your workout, you will know when you’ve found your sweet spot, this means change your workout every now and then, and change the rep and set scheme also from time to time.

  1. Are there any exercise one should completely avoid? Heavy Upright rows, and behind the neck pull down as those two exercises completely obliterate your rotator cuff (part of the shoulder) and eating crappy food. I know the last is not an exercise but some people have eating habits that could turn it into an Olympic sport.
  2. How many times a week a underweight guy should work out?

4-5 times is optimal

  1. Are there any supplements available in the market which accelerates the process of gaining weights?

Since this article is aimed at skinny people trying to gain weight it is best to stay away from supplements for the time being since that is a whole topic on its own. step 1, find out how much you burn on average in a day, step 2, surplus that amount by 200-300 calories.

  1. What should pre and post workout meals consist of?

Pre-workout meals should be moderate in terms of Carbs (dense Carbs such as rice, sweet potatoes and heavy in protein. (90-120 min before working out) and post-workout meal again protein and Carbs but you can have some quick sugars in the post meal since studies have shown that quick sugars spike your insulin. This is important because it starts the whole recovery and muscle growth process.

  1. How many meals throughout the day one should take to gain weight?

3-4 is optimal to have a regular blood flow in your body but it is more important to hit the required calories for the day.

  1. Most Important question, what should last meal consists of and what is the appropriate time?

The importance of meal planning is not very high up in the importance rank, how you distribute your meals is not as important as consuming the right macros for the day and the sufficient calories for the day. Generally speaking your last meal should be about 3-4 hours before bed time but don’t go to bed hungry. It is okay to have a small snack before bed, studies have actually shown that it helps in preserving muscle during your sleep but notice how I said SNACK! If your idea of a snack is a big Bowl with a large fries then I sincerely advice you to reevaluate your life. A banana or 2 egg whites with some fat free yogurt is my snack and perfectly fine to eat before sleep.

  1. Finally, what are do’s and don’ts to gain weight?

A lot of Do’s and don’ts have been mentioned above. I’ve found that if we stress the don’ts to much, we tend to do exactly that. Focus on the Do’s which are developing a marathon mindset, a no BS attitude (you’re in the gym to workout, take Selfies and talk to your friends elsewhere…unless you’re having a killer pump then it is okay to take a quick snap, and a fight or flight character meaning that you aren’t leaving the gym until you’ve given it everything you got.

What many people don’t realize is that the way you handle yourself in the gym will translate in other aspects of your life. Be dedicated, motivated and ambitious and it will reflect in your job, relationship, and self esteem but if you continuously break your own promises and do not stick to your own goals, you will unconsciously inflate your bubble of insecurities. I have seen what’s on that side and it ain’t pleasant, the road is hard and rocky but very much worth it and always remember that the only person, the only thing standing in between you and your goals is you.

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