Interview with Fitness Enthusiast Aditya Goyal , his diet and exercises to achieve a chiselled body

     ” Fitness to Calm our Mind and Soul”

    I have decide to start new series wherein I will be Interviewing people who have similar background like all of us but their attitude and inclination towards Fitness has brought them where they are today and have accomplished a herculean task of transforming their body 360 degrees.

One such Man is charming and super fit Aditya Goyal, who hails from small Town of Haryana. Aditya has conquered major body issues and his zeal and passion for Fitness has enabled him to achieve a Muscular and strong physique that all of us aspires to achieve.

Let us know from the man himself: Aditya Goyal, and his Metamorphism from Fat to Fit.

  1. Can you tell use bit about yourself

Hi  I am Aditya , an Engineer by qualification and a keen fitness enthusiast running his own fitness club by the name of Jacked Fitness, based in Panchkula. I am 26 years old and working towards a better, brighter future every day.

Fitness: Fat to Fit


  1. How and when did you Started training?

I started going to the gym when I was 17 while in school. the goal was to keep some good physical activity in my routine and maybe have a little bit of nice arms.


  1. How to stay motivated?

I simply look in the mirror every time I am lacking motivation, I don’t want to be that lazy guy with a potato shaped body. so I got to hit the gym and have good a respectable physique no matter what. With a good physique comes a lot of confidence and mental stability.


  1. What is your current workout routine?

My current workout routine is based on moderate weights with high volumes of sets, reps and exercises, some may call it overtraining but I eat a lot and I Just love the training I do.

  1. Daily warm-up-
  • 10 Minutes cardio
  • 20 Minutes of core exercises
  • 3 sets parallel bar dips
  • 3 sets chin ups
  1. Double body part training
  • Monday: chest/triceps
  • Tuesday: back/biceps
  • Wednesday: legs
  • Thursday: Delts/traps/calves
  • Friday: arms/cardio
  • Saturday: legs

Usually I do anywhere between 25 to 35 sets per day with reps ranging from 12 to 20 per set depending upon the resistance.

Fitness: Fat to Fit

5.What Kind of diet you follow?

My diet is usually very flexible since I am not preparing for any show currently so I add up a few favorites that can fit my macros without making me look bad

Meal 1

Protein pan cake with 1 scoop whey, 6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs and 30 gram oats.

Meal 2

250 grams chicken breast with 2 Chapatti(India Substitute of Tortilla) and veggies

Meal 3

Post workout shake and banana

Meal 4

Chicken and rice with some fruit

Meal 5

Chicken/fish with salad

Meal 6

Protein  shake in milk with some nutty cookies

This is pretty much what I eat on a daily basis except on Tuesdays When I  stick to whey and fruits and 2 mom made vegetarian meals


  1. What are your Go to exercises and why?
  • Incline Dumbbell presses
  • Dumbbell side raises
  • chin ups
  • Leg presses

These pretty much sort everything out

I know any hardcore lifters would say bench, squats and dead lifts but well I have had numerous injuries doing the hardcore stuff and I keep them limited, although I love the adrenaline rush they give you.


  1. Is it completely safe to use supplements and if yes then which supplement you use?
  • Supplements are what the term suggests, use them when u can’t eat the food required to complete your requirements. I use whey, BCAA, glutamine and Creatine Hcl on a daily basis. Also I drink at least 4/5 liters of water with high amount of nutrient intake.


  1. How often do you change your training routine, and do you design your training?

I change my routine based on how I look and what I need to work upon. So basically when you build something up nice and you need to make the surrounding lagging parts come up as well so that’s how I plan my schedules.


  1. What are some of your best training tips for someone who wants to look good and get ripped?

There are no tips honestly. It is sheer hard work, just be patient and regular with your regime and you will get the desired results.

Best way to for someone looking to get ripped is train 6 days a week with a 3 day split consisting of push/pull/legs and repeat


Day1– Chest/Delts/ Tricep

Day2– Back/traps/biceps

Day3– Quads/hams/calves

Repeat this for Next   three days

Add cardio within a gap of 6 to 8 hours from training and stay active. Of course, diet would be in check with macros being changed every now and then


  1. How important is progression of weight in some form, in the muscle building process?

Very important, In Fact everything should be varied with time as you never want to plateau If you are looking for growth. Our body responds to changes so progression and variations are the best tools.


  1. What advise you would give to someone who is skinny and desires to build physique like yours?
  • Eat more food
  • Focus on lifting moderate weights to create hypertrophy in the muscle fibers for good nutrition partitioning from the foods you eat
  • Avoid too much binge eating and try good intake of protein, complex Carbs and healthy fats.
  • Drink lots of water

Putting on weight and putting on muscle mass are totally different phenomenon. So, focus on building muscle weight.


  1. What are the most common mistake people make when looking to get lean and shredded?
  • Avoiding Carbs- don’t do that
  • Avoiding fats- never ever do that
  • Starving- it’s only going give a worse rebound of weight gain.
  • Lifting weights to move that weight- focus on your muscle Fibers to contract and stretch. ever heard Kai Green saying mind muscle connection? Well its much deeper than just a phrase, the day one understands that connection, muscle building is easy

Ps:  I am a super fan of Kai.


  1. We should we exercise and why? Also what are before and after foods one should take to get better results?

Anytime to exercise is a good time, just fit it in Your routine, not everyone wants to build muscle and have six packs but fitness and mobility is something everyone desires, you can cure almost everything with adding exercise to your daily routine.

  1. Foods to eat before exercise- fruit/Complex Carbs/some form of protein/some healthy fats just enough to keep you fueled for the training.
  2. After training eats lean protein and fast digesting sugars for abundance of amino acids and quick recovery.


  1. How to achieve six packs abs?

Everyone has a set of abs that are visible once you lower your body fat around 12 percent, so keep the grind on and eat clean and lean. Everyone has a different response to their food intake and hence it’s hard to generalize this but yes you need to cook your own food to get ripped, so stop being lazy and learn to do that.


  1. Is it possible to get body like yours by working solely at Home through YouTube videos?

I doubt that. Surely you can get fit with YouTube but building a physique is far more different than just floor workouts. Different kinds of resistance trainings result in different type of muscle work and not to mention most of the people won’t understand what exactly to work on with a simple exercise. So a gym and a trainer for beginners at least is a must.


  1. We come to know that you have also participated in Bodybuilding competitions, Can you tell us what are different parameters all the Contestants are judged upon?

Yes , I  have participated in local shows a couple of times before going off season for size gains. Bodybuilders are judged on 4 main aspects

  1. Symmetry- the body should be symmetrically developed, people leave out the legs usually so one must take care
  2. Definition- how deep those cuts are and how will the muscle fibers appear
  3. Size- if you have the above two, size matters.
  4. The 7 compulsory poses.


  1. One of the taboo question that most of us hesitate to ask, if someone go to the gym straight after having sex or Masturbating , does it boost his/her stamina in the gym or it is not recommended to work out after having sex or Masturbation?

There are no adverse affects of what the bodily desires are as such. This is a very debatable topic and truly it doesn’t matter if you don’t get lazy after any sexual activity. Usually the body releases oxytocin which relaxes you, nothing to do with can you train or not. Moreover you can even debate on more muscle gains due to more production of testosterone to refill the semen stores. Its all depend  on an individual, it has no adverse affect whatsoever.


19.Do you provide personal training and if yes then how can we can contact you?

Yes ,I do provide detailed personal training for which you can contact me at [email protected]


17.Last Question, what are your future plans?

I want to excel in this industry both as a businessman and an athlete and inspire everyone around to be the best version of themselves. I want my brand Jacked Fitness to build a name and be a strong franchise, and for myself I want to start competing someday soon.


I hope, all of you had your myths pertaining to Fitness and Body building were dispelled. Aditya wants to Inspire all of us and urge us to start any kind of Physical activity which will not only keep us Body fit but also mind as well. Therefore ,We can concentrates on working and moving forward in our life faster than we are today.

Aditya  Goyal is also on Instagram, You can follow him and get a look into his life and his fitness routine

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