Exclusive interview with 2017 Mister Grand international Michael Angelo Skyllas.


19 years old Michael Angelo Skyllas captured Everybody’s imagination with his killer looks and congenial personality and he was rightly crowned was 2017 Mister Grand international in a glittering ceremony in Manilla, Philiphines. This Greek-australian believes in living in present and working hard every single day to make his dreams comes true. For Michael, there is no substitute to hard work.



Michael Angelo


Let us hear from hunk himself on his journey from Greece to Philiphines.


  1. Michael, Tell us about yourself.

I am 19 years old, I was born and grew up in Greece and moved back to Australia 5 years ago as I am also half Australian. I am currently studying the diploma of business and recently I competed in the Mr Grand international pageant which was held in Manila Philippines where I was representing Australia and I won the title.



  1. Did you always wanted to pursue Career in Showbiz

Yes, I always wanted to pursue a career in Showbiz, especially becoming an actor since I was a little kid.



  1. You won Mister Australia, How was your experience

The experience during the Mister Grand International pageant was amazing as I got a chance to meet people from all over the world and learn different cultures and at the same time visit another country which was Philippines, which is a very beautiful country with a rich culture.



  1. What preparations you have to undergo to participate in Mister Australia?

Having the best skin in the competition, I was taking a lot of care of my skin, using different creams , not smoking or drinking alcohol, eating very healthy specifically low diary and also I was training 5 days a week at the gym and had a strict diet to get my body ready.



Michael Angelo



  1. You have a Greek Background, so do you dress differently compared to Average Australian Man?

Yes I do dress different than the average Australian man because I follow the European fashion.



  1. You have great skin, what is your Skincare Routine?

I use 2 facial creams, one in the morning which is Placenta and one at night, I maintain a healthy diet that helps you have healthy skin, also I stay out in the sun very day but not too much and drink a lot of water.



  1. As a Male Model, you have to be groomed from Head to Toes, what is your Grooming Routine?


Michael Angelo

Firstly my hairstyle is always on point as I have a haircut once every week to keep it fresh, I shave every 2 days to keep my face clean and I trim my beard and moustache every week so it doesn’t look messy. Also  I wash my body with bodywash  every second day. I make sure I always smell good and that my cloths match perfectly and also I am a fan of wearing accessories  so I make sure my watch, rings, necklaces and bracelets all match with each other and with my clothes too.



  1. I must ask you this, How many times a week you workout?

I work out 5 – 6 times a week for about 1.5 hours.



  1. What kind of food you eat?

I eat a lot of meat to be honest about 800 grams of meat a day, also a lot of eggs and carbohydrates including rice and sweet potatoes and a lot of seafood. I eat 6 – 7 meals a day which include my breakfast of 8 egg whites and 2 cups of oatmeal and the other meals include cane be fish, beef and chicken and lean pork with white rice, sweet potatoes and pasta.



  1. Is it possible to leave a Healthy lifestyle without going to gym?

Yes of course it is possible; diet is the most important if you maintain a healthy well balanced diet then you can be healthy without exercising at the gym as long as you are active during the day like walk a lot.


Michael Angelo


  1. How you would describe your Personal Style?

My personal style I would say as the Australians call it a “wog” style as I do dress and act and speak like a Greek but at the same time my style is very modern and European.




  1. What message you would like to give to all Young Men out there.

My message is that you take care of yourself and you’re grooming but at the same time be manly about it. Also please do exercise at the gym as a man is meant to have muscles and be well groomed in moderation of course.




  1. Finally. What are your future plans?

I want to work as a model and as an actor in Philippines until get a chance to go to America.

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