Exclusive interview with Darasing Khurana, winner of Mister India international

Darasing Khurana from Small district of Parbhani is the new Rubaru Mister India International 2017. The 25-year-old Charming Fashion Consultant and an Entrepreneur was crowned in the Andheri  West region Mumbai on 27th  August 2017. The dapper and handsome hunk will now represent India at the 12th edition of Mister International, scheduled to take place later this year. Darasing grabbed everyone’s attention with his piercing brown eyes and photogenic looks.

Read my Interview with the Darasing Khurana himself as he shares his entire Journey



Darasing Khurana



  1. Big Congratulations for Winning Mister India International 2017.

Thank you.


  1. How you feel after winning such Prestigious Title?

I am on cloud nine after winning this competition. To be very frank, it took me a couple of days to sink in the fact that I have won this title. At least 10 days, I could not believe I am Mister India 2017. Immediately after I won the title, I went back home and a lot of people asked me how did feel after I won the title.I told them, I just feel the way I felt before I had won the title. This was just a dream which I had seen when I was a kid. I do not have words to express how it feels. But at the same time its huge responsibility for me. Now, I will be representing India Internationally. So, I have the responsibility that I have to get this title. Since No Indian has ever got the title to the country.



  1. Do you always wanted to be a part of showbiz?

I think most of us when we were kids, we used to watch films and TV and we always had this thing on our mind that we would definitely want to become like our Favorite star or TV actor. So, as a child I definitely had these things running in my mind all the time. But, eventually while growing up as a kind, your family expects you to study and become an Engineer, pilot or IAS Officer. I think, during those times I somewhere forgot that I had seen the dream of becoming an actor and wanted to become a model. When Mister India happened, God gave me the chance to live my dream and that is what is happening to me at the moment.



  1. How you started your Journey from Parbhani to Mumbai?

My journey from Parbhani to Mumbai was full of ups and down. It wasn’t easy at all for me to move to the city of dreams. When you are from such a small town like Parbhani, and Mumbai being such an unsafe place as seen in movies and news channels. It is too overcrowded and not safe at all. There is bombast happening in Mumbai, during rains Mumbai sunk in the water. There was fear in my parent’s heart that how would I survive in Mumbai when none of them is around. But, I was very adamant from the very beginning that if at all I was going to out somewhere it is only going to be Mumbai. Every morning, we used to have this conversation along with my family of 16 members about my further studies. I used to stick to my decision of moving to Mumbai. After many Conversations and arguments in the house, we finally decided that I will move to Pune. I did my 11th and 12th from Symbiosis college of Pune. After staying there for 2 years, I was a little more Independent than I was in Parbhani. So, after my 12th standard, I again took up the stand of moving to Mumbai. My parents were just so bored with the conversation over and over again. They just said that do whatever you want to and please go to Mumbai if you seriously think that’s the only destination you want to be. That was the day I picked up the bag from Pune and came to Mumbai alone for the first time where I had no clue where to go. Google helped me a lot to find the best college and place to stay. Overall, my journey wasn’t easy and full of life-changing experiences. I have made lifelong friends who have always been supportive. If you work hard, the entire Universe will introduce to people who actually support you and push you so that you can reach your dreams.




Darasing Khurana




  1. Before Becoming Mister India International, you walked for several Indian and International Fashion shows. How’s that materialized?

Yes, Before Becoming Mister India, I walked for some good designers in fashion week from India and Abroad. After completing my MBA, I was working as a Fashion Consultant to celebrities. So, one fine day, this designer friend of mine tells me that, ‘’Dara, Even you look like a model, why don’t you model’’ I heard that many times from other people as well and I said you really think I should do that, he said, of course, I have  a show coming up and why don’t you walk for me . I was super excited to hear that. That’s how my first show happened and post that I enjoyed walking the ramp every time. I was a little nervous in the beginning. But then when I walked the ramp, post the show, I got the feedback from the show director, He said that. “I could not figure that you were walking for the first time, it felt like you were a professional model”. That was a very big boost I that received, and I sent my profile to a couple of other designers and by the grace of God; I got some more good shows.




  1. You come from small-town Parbhani, did your parents supported your decision of becoming a Model?

My mother always supported me. She was very sure that I would do something good in my life. I would never go wrong in whatever I decide. But having said that, when it comes to modeling, rest of my family wasn’t convinced with it. They always thought that post completing my education, I should do a family business and stay with them. But the certain thing in life requires your share of hard work and sacrifices as well. Staying away from family is my share of sacrifice that I am doing. Now, I talk about going internationally and representing my Country. It’s all worth it.



  1. Back to Mister India, Most people think this competition just on a Superficial level, they think whoever has the Best Body Invariably wins the Entire Competition, is that true notion?

No, at all. I feel just having a good body to win Mister India is absolutely wrong. Because, if you have the best body, you are going definitely going to win sub-contest of ‘Best Body’ but not the title. Winning the title requires you to be an all-rounder, you definitely need to have a good personality. At the same time, you need to have good communication skills and you need to conduct yourself in a certain manner, you should be Intelligent and talented. It’s the package that you have overall that matters, not just a good body.



  1. Which part or Contest of the Competition did you find most excruciating and difficult to handle?

Personally for Me, Talent round was most difficult. Because when you have so many contestants with different talent, you tend to feel little under-confidence that everybody around you is super confident. What I did was, when I was feeling little low, I took two minutes off and went to the look and looked at myself in the mirror and told myself, ‘’Dara, what you have that nobody else has. So, try to portray the best of what you have and that should be enough’’. I came back, I had prepared a combination of dancing and acting and it was good enough.


  1. Being a Winner of Mr. India, you have to be groomed from head to toe, what is your grooming routine?

My grooming routine is pretty normal and not complicated. One thing I make sure that, my beard is always trimmed well. Apart from that, I make sure my nails are cut. While I was growing up, I was very lazy when it comes to cutting my nails and I had a friend in college who always made sure that I cut my nails. Until date, she sometimes messages me and checks on me to make sure that I cut my nails.I would like to thank her for inculcating this habit in me. Apart from that, I make sure that my hairs are set and I smell good all the time.



Darasing Khurana




  1. Good looks and fit body are probably the most important to a Mister India Contestant, what was your Fitness and skincare regime?

My Fitness regime is very simple. More than working hard in the gym, I prefer to control my diet. I avoid eating Carbs after 07:30 PM. I try to healthy things even when I am traveling. I avoid junk food and Cold drinks. I don’t even remember the last time I had cold drinks and tea. I am more of a Fresh Juice Person. That’s Comprises more or less my Fitness Regime. Coming to Skin Care regime, it’s very difficult for us guys to take too much care of my skin. One thing that I personally make sure before I step out of the house is that I have a coat of sunscreen on my face and that’s all about it. I also have a friend of mine, Hemangi Sagar who takes very good care of my skin. She is my skincare expert for Mister International as well. Once a month, I visit her and that solves all my skincare problems.




  1. What are the characteristics to be crowned as Mister India?

There are no particular characteristics. One thing is very important is you have to be you, please do not try to copy anybody or be like anybody else. Because In that process you might lose your own self and you might not be like somebody else you are trying to be like. Be fit, be confident, be talented and be you, that’s very important.




  1. You have walked for leading Indian Designer, why you chose to participate in Mister India 2017?

I was watching the Film Dangal. It really inspired me. When the girls go ahead and represent the country internationally. That gave me Goosebumps. That was a completely different feeling. Of course, I was a model before I became Mister India. But, you cannot compare the two. Feeling of representing your country at the international level is very different. Dangal film inspired me to participate in mister India and represent my country internationally.




Darasing Khurana




  1. Along with a Freelance model, you are a Fashion consultant and an entrepreneur as well, can you enlighten our viewers about that?

I love to explore in life. I think one person can be multi-talented and not necessarily have just one talent in life.  I completed my B.Com from H.R. College and started my Wedding Filming Company, which made me an entrepreneur and really enjoyed doing that. By the grace of God, it was a very successful Startup. Post my MBA, I Tried my hands at Fashion Consulting. While I had to leave certain clients of mine to participate in Mister India. My clients were extremely unhappy that wouldn’t be able to consult them post that. The experience has been amazing. All your experiences help you in life somewhere or the other in whatever way it may be. My experience as a Fashion Consultant and Entrepreneur played a very important role in the pageant of mister India.



14. You hold an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management  (NMIMS) in Mumbai, what role has education played in your life?

The most important role education has played in my life is that it has changed the way I look at things. It has completely changed my perception about things . At the same time; it has given me immense confidence. I do not really have to worry about it at all I do not become a successful model and an actor! My MBA degree gives me so many other options. I always had this confidence that if I do not succeed in one field, I always have options opened for other fields. Having your education in place is very important. I would like to share a very small story which happened a couple of days ago. It’s very sad that somebody I knew and spoke to a couple of times. He was a struggling actor and seemed to be little depressed to me. He fought with his family and moved to Mumbai to do acting. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get a substantial role in Mumbai and now couldn’t even go back. I suggested to him why doesn’t he work for a while and gain a little more of confidence and come back and try acting again. He said that he left his studies after 12th standard and couldn’t even get a well-paying job for himself. I got to know last week that he committed a suicide because of all these pressures, which was heartbreaking. That’s when I realize that, it is very important to have education in place before you choose acting and modeling as your career. As this career is very uncertain, you need to have a backup plans and education helps you build your backup plan and gives you confidence.




15.Who is your biggest Inspiration in life?

If there was one person who person inspires me probably would have named them. There is a big list of people who inspire me. Right from my Teachers,  to my parents and to even my maid. Recently, I came to know that she starts early in the morning and gets back home very late in the evening. But she still makes sure her family does not feel they are left out, she makes sure her family gets equal Importance as well. That inspired me a lot. Probably, Being an actor and model time management becomes very difficult due to odd working hours. You can draw inspiration from anybody, they need not be famous personalities.



16. As a winner of Mister India International, you will be representing India at Mister Grand International 2018 early next year, how are the preparations going on?

Preparation for Mister International is going on in full swing and going on really well. I am training every day and especially looking after my diet. I am monitoring my calorie count, the number of fats and carbohydrates I consume in a day. Apart from that, I am reading biographies of great men of the world which keeps me motivated, as I understand no person in the world has become big without struggling and hurdles. I am also reading the Bhagavad Gita which helps me to stay positive all the time. I also practice yoga. I am also connected with promoting the cause of Cancer in India, London, Canada, and America. I am rigorously working on promoting that cause as well. Overall, my preparations are going on great by the grace of the god.




  1. Casting couch is very much prevalent in Modeling and Glamour Industry, did you faced so far in your career?

Yes, everybody talks about Casting Couch and I completely agree this exists. But name me the Industry where it does not exist? At the same time, Personally, I didn’t get into such an awkward situation in my career so far. Because from the very Beginning I had an acting teacher  who taught me one thing that ‘Apni kala ko itna behtarin bana do, ke aapko in sab cheezo me padne ki jarurat Nahi  pade.’ You polish yourself and your art so well, that nobody can replace you. No matter what ,you are only one made for that particular thing and for that particular role. So, the casting people will have to call you and have to select you as there is nobody else who can perform that role better than you. That’s when there is no need to fear.




  1. What advice would you like to Aspiring youngsters who want to become Mister India and a successful model and actor?

My advice to aspiring Mister India’s would not just concentrate on your body. A lot of people I have come across a workout three hours in the gym and thinks to have a good body should be enough to participate in Mister India. Mister India requires an entire package. You just do not have to look good from outside but you have to be Intelligent, your personality has to stand out, you have to know how to conduct yourself, you should have strong communication skills. Work on all these things, Complete your education, which gives you a lot of confidence and exposure. Improve yourself in every aspect before you participate in Mister India. Do not feel that the body is the only thing that we have to concentrate. Having a good body is just one part of it and you need to concentrate on other things as well.



  1. What are your future plans?

I am not somebody who plans things in advance. As of now, I am concentrating on giving my best in Mister International and making my country proud. Post that, I would definitely analyze my options that I have in front of me and according to that I will make future plans.

You can also connect with Darasing Khurana on all the Facebook and Instagram to get regular updates.









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