Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



Holi is less than a week away. All men are basking in the anticipation of a holi party. You open your closet and left disappointed as you don’t even have a single good piece of clothing to wear.


If you are falls into above category, then read our guide on Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018.


Holi is festival of colors and brings happiness and joys to the people. When you think of holi outfits, first thing comes to your mind is white kurta and pyjamas. But why always wear white clothes on holi when holi itself is a festival of light. I am not saying white traditional outfit is not stylish but for god’s sake save it for some other’s occasion.


Read below guide on Outfits for Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018. I will give you complete guide from head to toe with lot of options that will not break your budget.


On Holi party, you will be dancing in the rain on popular chartbusters and also playing with colors. So, I don’t recommend you to splurge on clothes.


 Let’s start the Breakdown of essential clothes on Holi party for men.


  1. Tanks/Ganjis :



Holi party Outfit for men in 2018


First Holi party Outfit for men in 2018 are tanks or ganjis.


Tanks are probably a piece of clothing every man must try on a holi party. Tanks gives you comfort and don’t restrict your movement .You can play freely and enjoy among your friends.


Moreover, if you are someone you hits gym regularly, and then tanks shows your biceps and also some part of your chest. One tip I would give you, don’t wear low neck tanks, and make sure your tank is not too low. You don’t want to come across as someone who is too showy.


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  1. Bright Shirts:




Holi party Outfit for men in 2018



Second Holi party Outfit for men in 2018  are brights shirts.


Another great option to wear on holi is the bright fluorescent shirts. You can team up with plain white t-shirt and a simple light washed denim. Make sure fit is perfect. It should not be baggy. You can wear either short or full sleeve shirt.


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  1. T-shirt :



Holi party Outfit for men in 2018




Third Holi party Outfit for men in 2018 is t-shirt.


Same rule applies to t-shirt as well. I would like to shrug off white t-shirt this holi. Wear something which has patterns on it. Don’t go for single color t-shirt. You want to look different on this holi. Vibrant and saturated colors help you here. You can either wear a light colors jeans or shorts .Make sure you give white a break here as well.



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  1. Shorts :



Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018

Fourth Holi party Outfit for men in 2017 are shorts.



Shorts are comfy and make you at ease. They are uber stylish as well. One thumb rule of wearing shorts. If you want to wear patterned shorts then your top should have less vibrancy and color. It should be as mild as possible and vice versa. To paraphrase, we need to create a contrast.


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  1.  Kurta and Pyjamas :




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018


Fifth Holi party Outfit  for men in 2018 is Kurta and Pyjamas.


If you want to go traditional way then, kurta and pyjamas are your best bet. As I said above, don’t go for expensive kurta and pyjamas. Talking about colors, go for vibrant and saturated colors and don’t forget to create contrast between colors of kurta and pyjama.



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  1. Swim shorts :



Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



Sixth Holi party Outfit for men in 2018  are swim shorts.


I have seen lot of men wearing swim shorts at Holi parties. The reason could be as they would be dancing in the rain. Make sure shorts are not too loose on your thighs. What happens with loose shorts is that, when you take a dip into water, shorts get saturated around your thighs and when you pull them, there is risk of pulling hairs from the surface. Go for vibrant and playful colors to give you that sexy and edgy look.



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  1.   Chinos :

    Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018


Seeventh Holi party Outfit for men in 2018 are Chinos.


Don’t forget chinos as well. As most of folks will be wearing either jeans or pyjamas. To stand out from the crowd, wear stylish, comfortable and sexy looking chinos. Chinos gives you matured look and look neat and smart. You will be instant hit among everyone.



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  1. Floaters :


    Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



Eight Holi Party outfit for men in 2018  are floaters.


I am sure most of the men will be happy to see they can wear floaters at holi party. If you a pair of floaters lying in your footwear collection, then bring them out now. Floaters are the most casual, stylish yet comfortable piece of footwear. Talking about colors, keep it as minimalistic and simple as possible.


I am not suggesting you to wear flip flops as you will be playing with colors, running round and doing lot of activities. If someone unknowingly puts their feet on your flip-flops, it might break. Always wear Floaters for holi party, it won’t break for sure.



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Don’t  at Holi parties for men:


  • Don’t wear any gold and expensive piece bracelet or chain.
  • Avoid wearing a wrist watch. If you want to wear an accessory then go for kadas.
  • Always wear cheap clothes as they going to get dirty anyway.



Now that we have talk about what to wear when going to holi party where you will be drenched in colors and water. Now it’s time bring you traditional games to forefront for night Holi party. This wear you get to showcase your traditional wear and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.


My advice would be  to completely shrug off jeans, shirt,t-shirt and chinos. These are essentials that we wear every day, then why we should bring it on Night holi party.


Let’s get to the essentials we need for Night holi party. Here I am going to suggest you a complete outfit idea.



  1.  Black Kurta/White or cream Pajamas /Black loafer or mojri /Leather watch/Gold Chain :




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



When we talk about night wear, first color comes to our imagination is black. I have seen many women wear black traditional outfits but haven’t seen many men do it. This is your chance to break the shackles and be a trendsetter.




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018




This is your time to shine. There are lot of types of kurtas design available in the stores. Ranging from front cut to cross slit. I would like to ditch straight cut kurtas or go for something like front opening and cross slit kurtas. Take some risk, the cut around of thighs is going to highlight your curves and also gives you distinct and stylish look.




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018


Talking about pyjamas, you can ideally go for a white pyjama. It will put you into limelight instantly. Of course, white is best mate to black and vice versa. If you want to tone it down a bit you can opt for cream color kurta.




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018





Now we are set with the outfit, now it’s time choose accessories. I personally think, a thin gold chain around on black kurta looks amazing. It not only highlights your neck but also don’t discredit kurta as well. It a must have on Black kurta.





Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



Now comes to arm accessories, if you are fan of watch, then go for a Leather watch with minimal design. Make sure the watch case is small. Else, you want to go for something more causal yet formal, wear a kada; it should be same color that to your pyjama, to keep in sync.



Talking about footwear, You can too options:


  • You can wear a simple black color loafer with tassels. I think tassels looks really cool on loafers.
  • You can go traditional way and pair it up with black mojri. Make sure don’t have too much embroidery .As we don’t want to take attentions away from Black kurta.


Warning : if you are a dusky and light colored man, completely pass this outfit. It won’t bring out your ethereal features.


All you dark colored men out there, next outfit is only for you.




  1.    Sky Blue kurta/White pyjama/Leather watch/Kada/Loafers/Mojris /Beige Nehru jacket:


Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018




When it comes to dressing a dark or brown skin person, rule of the thumb is to avoid colors which resembles your skin Tone. That is the reason why you I have handpicked this sky blue kurta for all of you out there.




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



This stylish and serene plain sky blue color kurta is a perfect way to jazz up your style. The color is not too mild or overpowering, it is going to elevate your style as well your features. The main point here is not to hide your natural color but to wear something that highlights your color. This kurta has absolutely no detailing and work on it. Wear a simple white or cream color pyjama and you are on your way to become a trendsetter.



Talking about accessories, keep it simple, no need to wear a chain ,You can wear a light color preferably a beige color watch on it. If you a fan of kadas, then go for lightest shade of white. We don’t want take people attention away from your outfit and you.As stated above, you can either wear a beige color mojri or loafers. I am sure your friends will be surprised to see you how good you look and ready to get lots of compliments. If you want to take you game one step higher, then you can team up with beige color Nehru jacket. Nehru jacket is so fashionable these days. You are surely going to look GQ ready.



  1.    Blue kurta/white pajamas/brown leather watch/white kada/Black mojri/Black Loafers/Gold chain(optional) :




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018




Now it is time for to treat our fair skin men, I have especially picked up this  blur solid color kurta with mandarin color with asymmetric hem  and side slits to make it high-fashion and stylish.




Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



This is one such piece of clothing which is so bright and stylish in a way. It left’s you with absolutely nothing do to other parts of the outfit to make it shine. I cannot think of any other color kurta apart from a white kurta to compliment it.



Now that outfit is so enchanting and vibrant. We need to make sure the accessories and footwear are as mellow as possible. Go for plain and simple black color mojri or loafers.



Wear a light brown watch and you are set to make statements. Ready to get eye-drooling.



  1. Beige Pathani/Beige Pyajama /Brown leather watch/brown kada/ Kolhapuri chappals :





Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018



Last but certainly not the least a pathani suit. This crisp and beige color pathani suit is going to raise eyebrows in a positive way. The hand loomed pathani suit has smooth and comfortable texture that will add charm and personality to your look.



Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018




Pair up with a leather brown watch or a white kada. When it comes to footwear, we are going Indian with these stunning handcrafted our of quality pure fabric Kolhapur chapplas to compliments hues of beige.



Holi Party Outfit for Men in 2018




Always fold the sleeves of kurta so that it shows your wrist accessory and it also looks sexy and stylish.



I hope you liked all the options I gave you for holi party both for morning as well as evening party.


Make sure all the clothes you buy fits you perfectly, if they don’t then visit a tailor and get it customized according to your measurements.

Believe me , it makes a sea of difference.


Leave a mark on everyone and look your best at this Holi party. When you look good, everything  falls into place and you feel good from internally as well.











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