Dentist Anuroop Kale: What I Eat in the day

Pune  Resident and Dentist Anuroop Kale is a Fitness freak and promotes healthy lifestyle. He lives by the motto ‘Healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. He takes time from his busy schedule and makes a habit of exercising regularly and eating right food. Anoop kale tells us what he eats throughout the day and how he keeps himself motivated.

Anuroop Kale

Read below interview with Dentist Anuroop Kale

1. Any Morning ritual you do for your Health?
It’s well known to drink water as soon as you wake up and I do follow the same as it accelerates the body’s metabolism.


2. Workout you swear by and do the most?
After many trials and errors, I’ve finally came to a conclusion to do heavy weight training and split two days for cardio as well as abs training. It is very important to keep changing the workout regimen because I believe everybody is different and you’ve to explore it so find what suits you best.

Anuroop Kale

3. What do you eat in the Day from Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner?
This is the most crucial part of the healthy lifestyle, because as a fitness enthusiast and a doctor by profession I know the importance of the nutrition part. Even if it is a science it has to be simple to be followed in day to day life, so I eat 4-5 meals in a day except the liquid meals i.e. protein shakes, and all the meals have ample amount of protein, a moderate amount of carbs and vegetables as they are great source of minerals, vitamins and dietary soluble and insoluble fibers. The only thing I follow is to taper the carbs as the day progresses as you don’t want the carbs to convert into the unattractive flab over your body

4. How many meals you have in a day?

I usually take 5-6 meals throughout the day. I try to eat after every 2-3 hours.

5. How do you segregate your meals throughout the day?
I everyday have 6-7 meals as follows:
Thee first meal consists of a protein shake with milk and banana.
Second meal is breakfast where I eat 7-8 egg whites and Upama / Idli / brown bread etc and sometimes I prefer tea or coffee along with it. Third meal is the lunch in which I’ll have a portion of carbs like a bowl of rice or 2-3 chapattis, Dal and 200gm of boiled chicken and I also include veggies like sprouts, cucumber, and carrot or have a green salad. Fourth meal again consists of 4 egg white omelet and brown bread with peanut butter. Fifth meal is my pre-workout meals where I have another protein shake with milk and banana. Post workout I take a protein shake with water. The last meal is the dinner where I’ll have a small bowl of rice and 200gm of chicken with a salad.

Anuroop Kale

6. Around what time you have your last meal?
I’ve a busy schedule throughout the day and I workout very late till 10 pm so I generally have my last meal around 11pm.

7. Your Favorite meal of the day?
The second meal or you can call it as the breakfast is my favorite meal as i eat eggs in that meal but keep experimenting with them so it’s always interesting.

8. What time of the day do you workout?
I generally workout in the evening around 8:30 pm-9pm and it’s because it’s the only free time I get in the whole day.

9. What you eat pre and post Workout?
Preworkout I always have some sort of simple carbs like banana, oats, peanut butter and form of proteins, again mostly eggs.

Anuroop Kale

10. How often do you cheat?
People generally follow a cheat day method which is very wrong as you eat a lot and you can’t burn that excess calories in the workout. So I take one cheat meal once a week and I eat whatever I want to in that meal.

11. What is a strict NO-NO in your diet?
I keep my eating schedule flexible so there is nothing that I refrain from eating. But yes I don’t eat anything more than it should be! But yes, I do avoid simple sugars like chocolates and sweets.

12. How often do you workout?
I workout for 6 times in a week. In which one day is dedicated for abs and cardio (which is also for 20 minutes maximum).

13. How do you keep yourself motivated?
Goal setting is very important to keep yourself motivated. if you don’t keep a target to achieve then definitely you’ll quit this lifestyle so I keep some body goals for myself with specific deadlines which keeps me pumped up and motivated.

14. Do you drink Alcohol?
Sometimes I do, but in that also I take care to drink less than 30ml or one glass (if it’s beer) and I avoid in-between snacking while drinking.

15. Do you measure your Nutrition Intake?
Yes I do! and it makes people around me make jokes of me but if you want to change the way you look then you’ve to measure what you eat and once you start doing it, then it’s not tedious job!16. Eat everything and Workout or Eat healthy and never work out?
Sadly, both of the options does not fit at all, there’s no option but Eat healthy and workout.

Anuroop Kale regularly post pictures regarding his workout and lifestyle on all the Social Media Platform. You can follow him and stay connected with the dentist.

Anuroop Kale       Anuroop Kale

Anuroop Kale     Anuroop Kale



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