Colors of t-shirt Every man must own: Comprehensive guide to Colors of t-shirt

Today, we are going to dissect colors of t-shirt every man must own in his wardrobe.When men open their wardrobe, the first thing they search for is a t-shirt. The reason being t-shirts are an absolute staple in men’s wardrobe. They are most stylish, versatile and easy to wear .T-shirts looks good with anything formal trousers, chinos, Jeans, shorts, and khakis.

T-shirt comes in varied colors, pattern, and designs. Most of the time, men get puzzled on which color t-shirt they should buy. I have also seen, people buying a 5-6 t-shirt and when they want to wear a t-shirt on some special occasion and open their wardrobe, they are unable to find the right color to complement the outfit. The main reason is when they buy t-shirt they buy it from point of view of wearing a particular outfit only and end up spending more money than usual.

Keeping all these things in mind, I have formulated colors of t-shirt every man must own in his wardrobe and these colors are so versatile and yet stylish, you can up with more than one look and create multiple looks by wearing a single piece of t-shirt.

Let’s get started


  1. White T-shirt :

t-shirt Every man must own

White is the most versatile colors and when it comes to a t-shirt, they become even more essential. White t-shirt is must have in every man wardrobe. You can wear them on any casual day out, nothing gets better than wearing a white t-shirt on a summery day.

I am not sold on wearing white at night as the glitter of night kind of subside the natural vibrancy a white color t-shirt can bring.

If you plan to wear a t-shirt on a night, you can opt for layering. Wear a t-shirt under a nice looking colorful shirt or a jacket or if you are going to business meeting or functions you may opt for a white t-shirt under a blazer, tuxedo or even a well-tailored suit.

If you are going to the office, you can even wear a polo t-shirt and tucked them up and you have a formal attire ready.

A classic look is a plain white t-shirt with dark wash denim jeans and white sneakers. This is an all time classic look. A contrast always works better than sticking to one single shade.


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  1. Black t-shirt :

t-shirt Every man must own

Black t-shirt is a timeless and classic color in men’s wardrobe. It is second most popular color every man should have in his wardrobe. It gives you polished, sleek and elegant look. Black is a color of night. If you want to wear a black color t-shirt as a part of daily wear, team up with light wash denim and regarding shoes, go can either go for Black loafers or grey colored sneakers.

Black colors t-shirt looks extremely look in spring and winters.

For a nightwear, you can wear a solid plain black t-shirt under a white jacket, suit or a blazer and team up with brown brogues. Trust me; this is going to take your look to a different level.


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  1. Light Grey T-shirt :


t-shirt Every man must own

Grey t-shirts are third popular and versatile color of t-shirt every man must own in his wardrobe.

Grey t-shirt is a very good alternative to black-t-shirt. If you want to rock a classic street look,

get your grey t-shirt on board with a light wash denim and a pair of grey sneakers.


Grey t-shirt comes in a lot of different shades from light to dark. I find a light grey t-shirt to be more versatile than a strong colored grey t-shirt.

If you want to experiment, then a light grey t-shirt with black denim and grey shoes is going add a lot of style and persona to your outfit.


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  1. Light Blue t-shirt:

Blue t-shirt is the fourth most popular color of t-shirt every man must have in his wardrobe. Blue t-shirt is not as versatile as t-shirt mentioned above. It is the best alternative to Black t-shirt.

Blue has a lot of shades; I personally prefer a sky blue and a light blue t-shirt. It gives you a more option to work with.

For example, you can wear a same light blue t-shirt as a day wear and team that same t-shirt under your jacket or blazer to look professional and dapper.

White sneakers also matched up really well with a light blue t-shirt.


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  1. Red T-shirt :


Red t-shirt is the fifth most popular and stylish color t-shirt every man must own in his wardrobe. Gentleman, don’t be afraid of colors. Though, not as versatile as other colors. But, a red t-shirt gives you cheerfulness and joyful outlook. Nowadays, I have seen many men wearing Red or similar color sneakers. This is a great way to butt in and wear a red t-shirt on top of that. Complete the look with light washed ripped jeans or slim fit chinos.

Just try this stylish color for once and you won’t regret it later.


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Those are the 5 must-have colors of t-shirt every man must have in his wardrobe. Regarding the type of t-shirt, my first preference would go to buy all these colors in a round neck t-shirt. If you have money on the table then you can go on buying a full sleeve t-shirt and subsequently a polo t-shirt in same colors.

I am not too sold on low check t-shirt. I feel like they look good only on jackets, cardigan or any other layering. If you want to add more patterns and colors within a t-shirt, then you can go for a t-shirt with no more than 2 colors and if you want to wear pattern on a t-shirt, make sure it is not too flashy. It should be as mellow as possible.


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