Best Sunscreen for men in 2018

Hello guys,
This is my First Post. I am really excited to share my knowledge and Experience with all of you Regrading Best Sunscreen  available in market for all skin types.
Today, I will be stating Best Sunscreen available under 500 Rupees in 2018. So let’s start.

• Why we need sunscreen?
Everyone Including men and women need Sunscreen to protect themselves from harmful UV rays delineating from Sun. These UV rays can cause Sunburn, Tanning, Pigmentation and discoloration of skin. Moreover, sun dying rays leads to early aging and wrinkles. Constant exposure to these damaging rays can even result in Skin Cancer. Sunscreen is a panacea for all your skin related issues.

• Are men really using Sunscreen?
To be honest ,men so called macho men spends thousands of rupees getting these sunburn and pigmentation procedure done at a salon or at a Dermatologist. The reason is they don’t pay attention to using sunscreen at all and when they get to other side of 30,start visiting doctors for expensive procedures. Now a days to due to global warming being such major issue and temperature of earth is more than ever. Skin related issues can be seen on Teenagers too. Every 1 of 3 people that we see have any kind of skin issue.

• Sunscreen really eliminates the skin problem completely?
Well, This is such Individualistic question, Some people are blessed with glowing and spotless skin and some people have skin issues in their genes. But one thing I can assure you ,constant and right application can definitely save you from aging and subsequently dollars too.

• What should we look for when buying sunscreen?
That’s an important question. There are many things that’s should be present in a sunscreen ,We will see each one by one:

1. Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum Coverage;
This means that sunscreen provides protection against both UVA and UVB.
UVA rays penetrates into skin and cause premature aging and wrinkles. UVB rays burns superficial layers of your skin and causes tanning.


2. SPF factor
Select sunscreen with coverage of at least SPF 30 or higher, this is because the more the SPF factor the more it will shield your skin from UV rays.

3. Water and sweat resistant;
Unfortunately, No Sunscreen can claim to be water and sweat proof. They can only resist water and sweat for 40 to 60 minutes.

  1. Now we will move on to reviewing ‘Best Sunscreen available under 500 Rupees in 2018 i.e. Lotus Herbal Safe sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 ,100g,It is the best face moisturizer with SPF in this price range. People with oily skin have lot of issues choosing a Sunscreen as they don’t want to retain shine on the face that most of the sunscreen provides. So, which sunscreen is best for oily skin, for detailed answer read below.

4.Expiry date:
Experts say that Sunscreen from 3 years of manufacturing date can be used. Ditch the bottle which has later date than this.

What is SPF
Sun protection factor of 40 means that you can spend 40 times as long in the sun before you start to burn, If you normally burn in 2 minutes, then SPF of 40 will allow you to spend 80 minutes(40*2) before you burn. However, your skin your activities and sun intensity all cause variation in how longer the sunscreen going to shield your skin. Therefore as I said above, try to use higher SPF factor

The sunscreen comes in a bright orange tube with a flip cap. The cap is sturdy enough to prevent leakage. It can easily rest in a bag and sleek design doesn’t require much space which makes it Best Sunscreen  use

The sunscreen comes in water gel consistency with no greasing at all. It blends into skin so nicely and within seconds settles in. and gives your skin a soothing feel, Especially, for people with oily skin, It wont makes your skin look like a grease ball. The thing I like about most is that it has mild fragrance so when you are applying near to your eyes it won’t stink and also save you from sneezing.

Best Sunscreen
Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50, 100g

I would not say that once applied, it going to shield my skin from tanning for entire day. But it can prevent 80% of tan. Therefore reapplication after every two hours is essential.

Pros of Lotus Herbal Safe sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 ,100g

• Lotus Herbal Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 ,100g is matte gel designed for all skin types. Especially people with Oily skin can even skip using a moisturizer.
• This is best Sunscreen for oily skin. Even though people with normal and dry skin can use it too.
• It offers both UVA and UVB protection.
• SPF factor is 50 which makes it instant pick.
• The water gel consistency hydrates your skin and it also doesn’t leave any white cast.
• Doesn’t make your skin greasy and stretched out
• It has mild fragrance.
• SPF 50 efficiently removes tanning and .
• It doesn’t make you face ashy while clicking photos.
• It comes in 100g which can last more than 2 months
• It is a sunscreen that don’t cause breakout
• Best sunscreen for sensitive skin.
  It is a sunscreen that don’t cause breakout

The most Important thing about this Sunscreen is that it can be used by both Men as well as Women. In family, you don’t need to buy to distinct sunscreen.

Cons of Herbal Safe sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 ,100g
• Unfortunately, It is not water and sweat proof so people who lots of physical and outdoor activities won’t get best results.
• Needs reapplication after every 2 hours for better result.

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How to apply sunscreen?
Just having sunscreen does not guarantee sun damage protection. Correct application is imperative to get best results. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with warm water and apply a face wash , Pat dry your face and use a moisturizer, wait for 10 minutes as moisturizer settles into your skin and then take 1 ounce of the sunscreen on your palm and lather into your face, gently rub, until you can’t see white anymore. Stay Indoor for 30 minutes. i.e the time required for sunscreen to complete absorb into applied area and then you are ready to roam around.
Important things of note, Sunscreen is just not meant for you face you can apply it to all expose part of the body, especially to your arms and neck, I have seen lot of people with discoloration of neck and arms and trust me guys it looks terrible.

Should we use Sunscreen in winters too?
It is popular myth that during winters there is no need to use sunscreen But that’s a false belief. UV rays are prevalent in winter as well which cause skin damage. Although, UVB rays which cause sunburn are little less prevalent but still present too certain degree.


I hope you all like my article regarding Importance of Sunscreen and Best Sunscreen available under 500 Rupees in 2018 and I hope people with oily skin got the answer to question ‘which sunscreen is best for oily skin’.If you have any suggestion ,do write in the comment box.

Thanks for reading


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