Best Mens Underwear Brands in 2018

Today we are going to talk about Best Mens Underwear Brands in 2018. Underwear is hidden most of the time under your pants but you cannot discount the role of Underwear in keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

Men generally spend little to no thought in purchasing this highly values staple. You must have seen men  adjusting their underwear’s in public. This is attributed to lack of quality and uncomfortable underwear they are wearing.

Always chose underwear that fits you perfectly and takes you through the entire day.


We have compiled list of Best Mens Underwear Brands in 2018 in which will give you deadly combination of style and comfort.



  1. Calvin Klein :

Best Mens Underwear

First Best Mens Underwear Brand is Calvin Klein This is the most popular underwear amongst Men. You can see many Top models and actors wearing this line.

Calvin Klein underwear comes in different styles, fits and patterns. The price can be expensive as well. Calvin Klein has been a pioneer in revolutionized the way men wear their underwear’s.

The sleek lines, quality fabrics and cutting –edge design makes it most sought after underwear brand for men in the world.

If you like to wear Underwear’s with printed patterns, then Calvin Klein has that variety as well.


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  1. Armani:

Best Mens Underwear

When we talk about Armani’s underwear’s, first thing that comes to our mind is David Beckham.

Armani’s underwear’s are a synonymous with comfort, style and sex appeal. Armani’s highly treasured underwear’s are made up of soft fabrics such as cotton, microfiber and modal.

Armani’s underwear’s collection is full of classic, monochromatic line of boxers and thongs but you will find niche for colorful prints as well.


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  1. Ralph Lauren :

Best Mens Underwear

Ralph Lauren underwear’s are best known for their polo collection. Hovering around the same price point that of Calvin Klein and Armani, they offer stylish as well as comfortable collections of thongs, briefs and trunks.

Ralph Lauren underwear’s come in different in colors and styles. They are most suitable when doing any physical activities as the comfort they provide is second to none.


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  1. Under Armour:

Best Mens Underwear

Fourth Best Mens underwear brand and a personal favorite is Under Armour If you are an athlete or someone who does physical activities on regular basis, they Under Armour has especially designed collection of underwear’s to give you comfort.

This American Brand is unique due to the moisture absorbing fabrics which make it a perfect fit in hot and humid climate.

If you sweat a lot then Under Armour underwear’s are best fit for you. Though, other leading sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok has emulated their fabrics as well.


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  1. Levis :

Best Mens Underwear

Levis is brand that is known for its quality fabrics and comfort. Levis underwear’s are made of breathable and sleek cotton fabrics, giving   the right amount of long-lasting comfort and during most extreme weather conditions.

Levis underwear’s are cheap as compared to other top brands. Though, you will be short of variety and patterns that you would find in premium underwear brands.


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  1. Hanes :

Best Mens Underwear

Hanes is considered as common, stylish and comfortable underwear’s brand. Hanes underwear’s are very popular in India are selling like hot cakes among men.

Hanes underwear’s are available in most classic and monochromatic patterns at affordable rates and recently they have started designing underwear’s in Color prints and patterns as well.


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  1. Diesel :

Best Mens Underwear

Are you a fan of colorful underwear’s? Then, diesel is the brand for you. Diesel has the most colorful designs made of stretch-jersey fabrics to give smooth finish and comfort.

Not only underwear’s from Diesel are colorful but they are edgy with outlandish designs and cuts.

Diesel has a strong knack of experimenting with different materials and textures such as metal studs and sewn on patches.


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  1. Dolce & Gabbana :

Best Mens Underwear


Dolce and Gabbana underwear range is defined by black, white and grey colors. This Italian luxury brand has small line of underwears made from high quality fabrics.

The well-fitted design and short leg promotes comfort and freedom of movements. This is a go to brand for a people who like to wear classic colors. Though, these underwears can be really expensive.


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  1. Park Avenue :

Best Mens Underwea

If you don’t want to spend too much money on Underwear and still want long-lasting comfort while doing physical activities, then Park Avenue is your brand.

Park Avenue’s underwears are especially designed for hot and humid weather with a blend from cotton and other soft fabrics.

The breathability and comfort are best but the varieties and colors are compromised to the extent.


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  1. Chromzome :

Best Mens Underwear

Last Best Mens underwear Brand is Chromozome is a young brand making a splash in the world of underwears with a fancy and colorful innerwear’s.

Chromozome is very popular among teenagers as it offers underwears in stylish, elegant yet simple colors and patterns.

Also, the affordability factor tightly coupled with distinct designs make it a must try.


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Above list of Best underwears Brands for Men in 2017 is carefully prepared keeping in mind comfort, style, Fabrics ,types and most important the price point as well.

If I missed any emerging or popular brand, comment your thoughts and share experiences as well.




















































































































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