Best lip Balm for Men in 2018: Best lip Balm to carry everyday for Indian man

Lip balm is not meant for girls only. Don’t let dry and chapped lips spoil your look and make you look unkempt. Chapped and dry lips not only look bad but feel terrible too. We have tendency to either rub our dry lips or remove extra layer (flakes) from it. Not only it even worsen the condition our lips but also make us look unhygienic when someone caught us in the act. Also, licking and picking your lips make them darker Therefore, we have compiled list of best lip Balm for men in 2018.


When it comes to chapped lips, people associate them with winter where drops in temperature make lips dry and chapped. But if you are someone who thinks we need to use Lip balm in winters only then you are wrong. Even in summers, sun or wind exposure coupled with pollution affect s your skin including your lips and makes them dry and even makes them darker.


It only takes a lip balm to give your lips relief from all these chapped, dry and dark lips. To make your job easier, I have handpicked list of 10 best lip balm for men in 2018 that doesn’t cost more than 200 rupees.  Let us them regularly and relieve yourself from this misery. Important point, always carry lip balm wherever you go and apply after every 2-3 hours.


Lets see list of 10 best lip balm for men in 2018 :

1.Malibu Sun Stick Tropical Flavor Moisturizing water resistant Lip balm SPF-30,4g :


First  best balm lip for men in 2018 is  Malibu Sun Stick Tropical Flavor Moisturizing water resistant Lip balm SPF-30,4g .

First one in the list of Best lip balm for men in 2018 is this tropical lip balm which gives your lips fresh flavor. Malibu sun stick Tropical flavor lip balm comes in two flavors: strawberry and watermelon.


For a beginner, you may find watermelon flavor too daunting so it is recommended to start with fresh strawberry flavor.


This Malibu lip balm is water resistant and colorless i.e. it doesn’t leave white resistant after application.


One great thing about this lip balm has SPF factor of 30 and great to use in summer. Men, who live in humid part of the country and spend most of the time in the sun, must use this lip balm.


Malibu Sun stick lip balm moisturizes your lips effectively and has subtle flavor of Strawberry or watermelon.


The texture of the lip balm is light and even if you have habit of licking your lips, this lip balm is not going too vanished away.



  • Water resistant and SPF Factor of 30
  • Fresh flavor of strawberry and watermelon
  • Texture is not heavy
  • Can last for 4-5 to hours once applied
  • Best suited in hot and humid weather due to high SPF Factor
  • It soothes and moisturizes lips with ease
  • It doesn’t leave any residue after application
  • Malibu lip balm is colorless



  • Best Lip balm for Indian men and as far my experience, there are no weak points apart from the cost which some men might find too expensive.
  1. Nivea Men Active Care SPF 15,4.8g:



Second  best balm for men in 2018 is Nivea Men Active Care SPF 15,4.8g.


This Nivea men active care lip balm is cheaper than Malibu and comes in 4.8 g quantity. If you are someone who doesn’t want to use lip balm after 2-3 hours then you must buy this Nivea men Active care lip balm.


This Nivea lip balm is applicable for all weather conditions from summer to winter. Men who don’t want any fragrance or flavor in their lip balm, then you will get that benefit with this flavorless lip balm.


Nivea lip balm comes with SPF-15, which protect lips from getting dry and chapped from sultry conditions.


Nivea lip balm gives you shine free, colorless and fragrance free finish.



  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Colorless, shine free and fragrance free
  • Durable
  • Long lasting moisturization.
  • Contains SPF-15 factor



  • Not water resistant
  • It is bit sticky. Hence, take very small proportion and rub it on your lips on all direction.



  1. Laugh Out Loud –Cherry Lip Balm,4.5g :


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Third best balm for men in 2018 is Laugh Out Loud –Cherry Lip Balm,4.5g


This laugh loud cheery flavored lip balm has very nice cherry flavor. If you have really dark lips then you must use this lip balm as it leaves tints of red color on your lips. Be careful, use very little amount as you don’t want to look like someone who applied a lip stick.


This laugh out loud lip balm is suitable for all weather conditions and SPF-15 protects your lips from UVA and UAB rays.


This is two in one lip balm and lipstick. Shea butter is great for moisturization and this element in the lip balm makes your lips luscious and rosy.


This lip balm does not lighten color of your lips. Once you apply this lip balm you are sorted for a day.




  • Fresh cherry flavor
  • It s Lip balm cum lip stick and best suited for men with dark lips
  • Contains SPF-15, which protects lips from harmful rays.
  • Provide intense hydration and leaves your lips soft and supple.
  • Last for several hours after application.



  • This lip balm is not suitable for men who already have red colored lips.
  • Needs to be careful with the proportion while applying as your lips might look extra red.



  1. Ustraa Lip Balm for men-10gm:


This Ustraa lip balm is awesome to keep you lips hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Ustraa has made this lip balm with Dark Rum Chocolate, almond oil and beeswax to give manly fragrance.

Fourth Best lip balm for men in 2018 is Ustraa Lip Balm for men .

If you chapped and dry lips you can apply this lip balm every 2 hours to keep the lips supple and hydrated.


Ustraa lip balm doesn’t leave any white cast or any color on your lips. Don’t expect to get rid of dark lips with this lips balm. This is merely to keep your lips hydrated and soft. It doesn’t contain any SPF factor. Hence, not suitable to use in summers.




  • Made with Dark Rum chocolate to give manly flavor
  • Almond oil and Beeswax keeps lips hydrated and prevent chapping of lips.
  • Best suited for winters
  • Doesn’t leave white cast after application.
  • It is colorless



  • I am not sold on the durability of the lip balm. You need to apply every two to three hours to keeps lips moisturized.
  • It doesn’t have any SPF factor so not suitable for summers.
  • People with extremely dark lips should avoid using this Lip Balm.



  1. Zoivane Men’s Natural Smoker’s Paradise Lip Balm for Dark and Shine-Free lips-Lemon and Bergamot essential Oil,10g:



Fifth Best lip balm for men in 2018 is Zoivane Men’s Natural Smoker’s Paradise Lip Balm for Dark and Shine-Free lips-Lemon and Bergamot essential Oil.

If you are someone who is looking for natural lip balm then Zoivane Men’s Natural lip balm .This lip balm is 100% natural and completely devoid of preservative, paraben, SLES and any unnatural colors.


This lip balm does more than keeping your lips hydrated, it also lighten your lips. This is best lip balm for men who like smoking. Apply before intake of a cigarette, it will from a layer on your lip which will prevent direct contact with cigarette.


Made up from all natural ingredients such as Shea nut butter, bees wax, Wheat germ oil, Argan kernel oil and vetiver oil etc which makes this lip balm suitable for all weather conditions.



  • Made from all natural ingredients.
  • Non greasy and mind fragrant.
  • Colorless
  • Along with keeping lips moisturized also helps lighting your lips.
  • Best for people who have extremely dark and chapped lips.
  • Smokers paradise
  • Hold is longer than most lip balm.
  • Shine free and also not weather sensitive



  • More costly than peers as it is made from natural ingredients.



  1. Matra Kiwi Moroccan Gold Natural lip balm,Green,4.5g :


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Sixth Best lip balm for men in 2018 is Matra Kiwi Moroccan Gold Natural lip balm,Green,4.5g .



Matra kiwi Moroccan is another lip balm made from organic ingredients and contains Vitamin A, C and E. Matra lip balm is immune from all the synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates or any unnatural colors.


One of the best thing about this lip balm is, the hold is longer than peers. This lip balm is best suited for men who lives in hot and humid part of the world and suffers from dry and chapped lips more often.


It does not live any residue or shine on your lips after application. The consistency is soft and fragrance is mild.



  • Made from Moroccan gold and provides 360 degree lip care throughout the year.
  • Completely devoid of Paraben, sulphates and other synthetic agents.
  • Colorless and shine free.
  • Longer hold, up to 6-7 hours once applied.
  • Best suited for people who live in tropical and hot weather conditions.
  • Mild fragrance and consistency is soft.



  • It comes in 4.5 g tube and more expensive than other lip balm.
  • Men who lives in pleasant weather and already has smooth lips, may opt cheaper alternatives.



  1. Biotique Bio fruit Whitening  Lip Balm Lightens  & Evens –out lip Tones,12G:



Seventh best lip balm for men in 2018 is Biotique Bio fruit Whitening  Lip Balm Lightens  & Evens –out lip Tones,

This Biotique Bio fruit lip balm is essentially formulated to lighten lip color. Although, it also does a effective job hydrating and moisturizing your lips.


Biotique lip balm is made out of Angur ,vach, mulethi, Badam ,surajmukhi,kusumbhi,Till,Erandi and Madam bass Q.S.


All the ingredients in the lip balm help to revitalize your lips and keep it healthy and supple throughout the day.


The texture of Biotique lip balm is not too heavy as compared to other lip balm and the scent is mild. So, if you are habitual to licking your lips, the flavor won’t be surprising and bitter.


One of the major drawbacks of this Biotique lip balm is that it is not weather sensitive. Lack of SPF factor in the lip balm makes it unsuitable for summer as it won’t shield you from harmful UVA and UVB rays.



  • Best suited for men who have discolored lips but it takes 1 month to see apparent changes.
  • Colorless and scent free.
  • Fragrance is mild
  • Provides long term hold
  • Doesn’t leave any white cast after application.
  • Inexpensive compared to other lip balm



  • Not suitable for summer due to absence of SPF Factor.


  1. Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Care ,10g:


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Eigth best lip balm for men in 2018 is Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Care.

If you are someone who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a lip balm then this Vaseline Rosy lips lip care is best for you. This Vaseline lip balm comes at price way cheaper to its competitors and does a very good job of keeping your lips healthy and supple.


One of the great things about this lip balm is that at such as nominal price, this lip balm contains SPF Factor. You need not worry about your lips getting dark and chapped in sultry temperature.


Vaseline Rosy lips lip care is comes with a goodness of Vaseline petroleum jelly with tint of pink color and a mild fragrance. Therefore, take small portion of the lip balm and roll over your lips. If you want your lips to be pink, then this is the lip balm for you.



  • Best Lip balm at this price range
  • Contains SPF factor
  • Mild fragrance and leave a pink tint after application
  • Best for men with darker lips
  • Effectively keeps the lips soft and hydrated.



  • I am not sold on the SPF factor. According to me, this lip balm doesn’t have sufficient SPF factor to withstand extremely hot weather.
  • Need to be applied after every two hours to keep your lips rosy and luscious.


  1. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15,4g:


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Nineth Best lip balm for men in 2018 is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15,4g.

This one of the best lip balm for people who has pigmentated lips. I would go as far as saying this is the best lip balm for men in 2018 who lives in extremely hot weather. It comes with a goodness of Octinoxate, oxybenzone, seed oil, corn oil, castor, ozokerite, petrolatum, beeswax, BHT, stearyl alcohol, ethylhexyl palmitate and carnauba wax. It rejuvenates and keeps your lip it proper share throughout the day.


This Neutrogena lip balm comes with SPF-15 factor which makes it ideal choice in hot and humid weather. This Lip balm has translucent natural color and doesn’t leave any residue after application.


Continuous usage of Neutrogena lip balm will soften the texture of your lips and keep your lips soft and healthy.



  • Comes with SPF-15 factor.
  • Best suited in all weather conditions.
  • Colorless and scent free.
  • It s PABA free.
  • Also lighten your lip texture upon continuous usage.
  • Non-greasy and shiny



  • I am not sold on the holding capacity of this lip balm. In extreme weather, the staying capacity can reduced to just an hour. Therefore, it requires continuous application.


  1. Vaadi Herbals Assorted Lip Balm,10g (Pack of 5):


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Tenth Best lip balm for men in 2018 is Vaadi Herbals Assorted Lip Balm.

Last and certainly not the least we have this Vaadi herbal assorted lip balm comes in 5 varieties. The strawberry extracts helps in soothing lips and makes them soft. The Orange flavor contains high proportion of Vitamin A and C which nourishes lips within and makes them supple and rosy. Lychee extracts leaves a refreshing aroma and also gives a pleasant taste if you are habit of licking your lips.



  • Colorless and provides intense scent especially lychee and Blueberry.
  • It is not glossy and shiny.
  • Suitable for winters only.
  • The color is transparent.
  • The consistency is light.



  • Blueberry extract leaves your lips darker.
  • The staying capacity is not more than an hour and requires continuous application.
  • It does not contain any SPF-Factor.
  • Not suitable for men who suffers from extremely dry and chapped lips.


That is all we have in list of 10 best lip balm for men in 2018.Select lip balm according to your living condition and condition of your lips. Apply lip balm 30 minutes before going out, to let it absorb completely into your lips.


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