Best Hair care Tips to protect hairs In Summer for Men

Summers takes a heavy toll on our hairs. The hot and humid weather is very harsh on the hairs. Maintaining hairs is summers can be a herculean task. The harsh UV rays penetrate deep into your scalps and cause damages to your hairs. Hence following a strict air Care routines in Summers becomes imperative. Following a strict hair routine can go a long way in a maintaining strong and healthy hairs. Hair Care tips for men are different to women and also the product and the way you use them also alters depending upon the type of hairs

Below are Damages your hairs Suffers in the winters due to overexposure to the sun and lack of hair care:

Hair Care tips for men to protect hairs from sun damage, heat, and humidity. Read men’s hair care guide to protect hairs and scalps from getting damaged.


  1. In summers, when Harsh UV rays penetrate into your hairs, it makes your hairs limp, dry and lifeless and thus, it becomes very difficult to style them.
  2. The dust and swear caused due to extreme heat causes split ends and dandruff.
  3. If UV rays go deep into your scalp, you may suffer from hair thinning and hair fall.
  4. Also, overexposure to heat can turn your hairs to Grey.

Hence, if you want to shield your hairs from the above damages, then continue to read below Hair care tips for men and protect your hairs from the sun.


  1. Keep your hairs Clean and dry :

In summers, our hairs become sweaty and rough which lead to many hairs problem which we discussed above. Keeping your hairs clean and fresh is the basic thing you need to do in summers and the first major part of summer hair care routine. Unkempt and unclean hairs can cause irritation and itching in your hairs. Hence, washing your hairs with water and regular shampooing can go in a very long way in dealing with these menacing hair problems.


  1. Maintain a haircut that goes well with Summer:

A good haircut is a very important step in dealing with hair problems. Generally, short hair is considered the best hairstyle to get in summers, as it is easy to maintain and accumulates lesser dirt and you will feel less hot in the summers. Also, one of the major problems of overgrown hairs are split ends.B est way to get rid of it is to regular trims every 3-4 weeks and you will look clean and fresh.


  1. Using Shampoo Alternate day :

Best way to get rid of sweaty hairs is to shampoo you hairs every other day. Scalps take most hits during summers and shampooing you hairs alternate day make them strong and healthy. It is best recommended to use Herbal and organic shampoo. Also, when you shampoo your hair, gently massage your hairs from scalp to the end. Keep it or 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water.


  1. Using Conditioner after Using Shampoo :

The conditioner is ignored by many men as a part of hair care routine. Only using shampoo won’t achieve desired results. When you shampoo your hair it becomes dry and dry hairs are the root cause of many hairs problems. When you use conditioner right after shampooing your hairs, you are applying much-needed moisturizers to your hairs. Thus, the hair problems that comes with dry and brittle hairs are dealt with easily using Hair conditioner. Also, your hairs become softer and detangle from each other.

Continue to read hair care tips for men

  1. Stay Away from Chlorinated Water :

Chlorinated water is the biggest enemy of your hairs. The chlorine in the water makes your hair dry, thin and also scalps become weaker which leads to hair all and hair thinning. I know everyone enjoys taking dips into the water. But, try to minimize this time and you will the positive effect on your hairs.

Important tip: When you are about to take a dip into the water, apply a thin layer of coconut oil and conditioner on your hairs, it will protect your hairs from chlorine and other chemicals in the water.


  1. Use Sunscreen for Hairs :

Using sunscreen for hairs is as important a using it for your skin. Always use sunscreen for your hairs as you do your skin. The benefits and application are similar to your skin. Always apply sunscreen to your 30 minutes before leaving outdoors as sunscreen needs times to completely immersed in your hairs and scalp.


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  1. Avoid using Blow dryers and Hair strengtheners :

As our hairs are already soaked in the sun and overexposed to heat. It becomes our responsibility to minimize the use of Blow dryers and Hair Straighteners. Let your hairs air dry. If you really want to use Blow dryers and hair straighteners, never forget to use heat protectant spray.

This is major hair care tip in keeping your healthy and strong.


  1. Use dry shampoo and Wear a Cap :

Dry shampoo is really effective not just for summers but also all year around. Dry shampoo is very easy to use and a quick remedy to get rid of excess oils and grease from your hairs.

You can use it anywhere you want and it is as effective as a regular shampoo. Also, whenever you leave outdoors, wear a Cap or hat to protect your hairs from sun exposure.


  1. Use a wide Tooth Comb:

Using a comb with a close tooth is the major cause o hair fall and hairs thinning. When we comb detangled hairs with a close tooth comb, our comb gets stuck up in the hairs. In the process, we pull the comb resulting in hair fall.

Always use a wide tooth comb to avoid unnecessary pulling of hairs.


  1. Take Regular spa:

Taking a spa is the best you rejuvenate and replenish hairs. Don’t need to worry about. You can easily do hair spa at your hair. Click here to read step by step process to do hair spa at your home. Do hair spa once in a week to see amazing results.


These are 10 hair care tips for men that you will follow to maintain healthy, soft and strong hairs throughout the summer.



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