Best Casual Shoes for Men: A Complete Guide


Choosing shoes is one of the most difficult choices for men. There are sea of brands like Nike, Puma, Woodland, Adidas, Reebok and many others. When. It comes to Casual shoes which are great relief from your wearing formal shoes all week .That is the reason why we have compiled list of best Casual Shoes for Men.


When it comes to buying shoes, men tend to give preference to price of the shoes rather than quality. Like all of you I also thought likewise and bought these cheap shoes for 700-800($10.98) and was so happy .They almost looked same as the pricey shoes.But from here on my happiness for these cheap shoes turned into a huge disappointment.


The biggest drawback of cheap shoes is that the material fades away rather quickly. My shoes for 700 rupees worned off after 1 month of usage and I could see wrinkles on my shoes which made it look even worse.


This is the only reason why I recommend you to buy shoes worth 2000 rupees or more($31.38+) ,not only it looks professional at the same time it lasts good 1-2 year or even more if you take good care off. My experience with branded shoes is much better that the cheap shoes. At first, I was reluctant to splash so much money but now I could see I am happy to make these switch. I don’t need to buy a new shoe every 2-3 months.


Enough of gyan, Casual shoes provide great comfort and give s you the much required breathability. One of the main criteria for choosing good shoes is foot support, removable inlay soles, and rubber outsoles.


We have compiled list of Best Casual shoes for Men with all the above features which will give comfort and ease.



Below is the table which shows Best Casual Shoes for Men. All shoes are chosen which meets perfect combination quality and price.


Products from

Products from


1.Puma Unisex XT1 sneakers:


Our first pick for Casual shoe comes from a very popular and emerging brand ‘Puma’. This Puma sneaker comes with synthetic upper material with mesh overlays which offers comfort, ease and breathability to your feet.

These puma shoes comes with resilient midsole which promises shock attenuation, a shock attenuation lessens injuries when wear shoe for long period of time.

These can be really good hiking shoes due to the rubber outsole which make sure that when you walk on an uneven or a rocky surfaces your are able to comfortably walk and at the same time your shoes are material is not impacted by the hardness of the surface.

You can get these low ankle shoes in three colors. The upper material of these shoes is made up of mesh and synthetic material which is soft and doesn’t let your toe feel the heat.

These Round Puma shoes  comes in a lace which is different in color from the rest  shoes and gives a much needed break of monotony.

You can clean the dirt on shoes with using a clean cloth.  Do not ever use any shoes polish or shiner on the shoe.

These are light weighted shoes (340 gms) and easy to walk with. Puma has also given 3 months warranty against any manufacturing defect.



  • Mesh overlays for comfort and breathability.
  • Resilient midsole for shock attenuation
  • Rubber outsole provides abrasion resistance.
  • 90 days manufacturing warranty
  • Durable


  • Need to be cautious on wet floor as shoes might slip.



2.Nike Men Olive Litforce III Mid Olive Casual shoes:


Products from

Next in the line of Best Casual shoes for Men is this stunning piece by Nike which comes in Olive color with mid top styling and lace-up details.


Being one the premium sportswear brand, these shoes of Nike has a logo on the side. These Olive shoes from Nike has made with synthetic material with mesh lining to ensure comfort and breathability.


The sole of the shoe is made up from rubber and you will find these shoes very easy to carry and won’t ever feel uncomrtable or strained even when walking on un-even surfaces which is great quality for. We generally use casual shoes to do leisure’s activities like hiking or trekking. The cushioning of the shoe adds to the comfort of the shoe.


The shoes are very sturdy and even a car or a bike goes over it, shoe will not break. You don’t need to be too vigilant when you use these shoes. On top the wonderful product, you will also get 6 months of manufacturing warranty against any damage.


Unlike Puma shoes, these Nike shoes don’t slip on smooth or wet surfaces.



  • Cushioned footbed and rubber outsole.
  • 6 months of warranty against manufacturing defect
  • Mesh lining to ensure higher breathability.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Color might fade away rather quickly if not used properly.


3.Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Boat Shoes:



Fans of leather shoes should consider starring at Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Boat Shoes. This shoe is intuitively designed with upper leather material and synthetic lining which makes them comfortable and breathable to wear.


The sole of the shoe is made up from Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which one of the premium type of rubber which will ensure a firmer grip on kind of surfaces.


The shoes color is mostly brown in color with darker brown and white lace to break the monotony and give shoes a new life. These shoes are extremely striking and are perfect fit on your jeans, trousers, chinos and even for semi-formal events.


These shoes will fit you perfectly and gives you a macho look. Lee cooper has also provided 30 days manufacturing warranty against any manufacturing defect.


These leather shoes are not recommended to wear in extreme heat and make sure you don’t let water come in contact with shoe.


The only downside is that you need to buy leather cleaner or leather shampoo and a good quality brush to clean the dirt. If your shoes are wet, dry them in room temperature, never dry them in heat as the heat will shrink the leather also cause wrinkle on the surface.



  • Genuine Leather
  • State of art look and features
  • 30 days manufacturing warranty
  • Sole made from TPR rubber
  • Sturdy and durable but requires strict care



  • Along with shoe, you need to buy extra cleaning leather shampoo which increases cost a bit.


4.Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers :


Products from


Penultimate one in the list of best Casual Shoes for men is these stunning shoes from Converse.These sneakers by Converse are uber cool and are available in Black, Navy Blue, white, red and mono black. The outer material of the shoe is made from Canvas and a perfect pair to rock on your casual clothes.

These are latest style high ankle shoes has a rubber sole which makes it comfortable even on uneven surface and the smooth grip gives your feet to breathe an also superior traction.


These light weighted shoes are perfect way to feel light and free on your feet.


The shoe is itself good looking and probably the lightest shoes ever made. Due to strong material and base these shoes could easily last for a year.


Talking about cleaning, you can use a shoe bag to prevent stain and use a cotton cloth to clean the dirt. Moreover, contact with water may not instantly damage your shoe but it is recommended not to wear wet shoes and let it dry in heat.



  • Canvas provides flexibility and breathability.
  • Rubber sole ascertains proper traction.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Can be dried in a heat
  • Light weighted
  • Perfect for outings and day parties
  • Extremely stylish
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Color fades away if you repeatable washes.



5.United Colors of Benetton  Men’s sneakers:


Last in the list of Best Casual shoes for Men is Benetton Men’s sneakers.These pair of United Colors of Benetton Men’s sneakers is very stylish in appearance. The pair comes in lace-up detail .Made from polyester and best suited for casual wear.


Company has also use synthetic leather textured upper cushioned footbed which ensure comfort and breathability.


You will find the sole of the shoes to be textured and made form rubber which gives much needed comfort and ensures superior traction on any kind of surfaces.


These are slip on shoes, so very easy to wear on your favorite trousers and t-shirt.


The shoes are having teal color strip on the front along with monochromatic pattern on rest of the shoes with black color around ankle.


You can also get 30 days manufacturing warranty on these shoes. Like I said above, you need to be careful about wearing in water for longer period of time.


The color is not too dark. Therefore, you can wear them in extreme heat as well without feeling any discomfort. These shoes are perfect for people who live exotic and humid locations.



  • Cushioned footbed ensure comfort
  • Best suited for humid weather
  • Rubber sole ensure proper traction
  • Durable and light weighted
  • 30 days manufacturing warranty


  • Nothing found


These are our top 5 best Casual Shoes for Men .These shoes are perfect for your casual wear and give you comfort and style at the same timeMake investment on your shoes and I am sure you won’t regret it later on.

If I missed any durable and stylish shoe in my list, then do not hesitate to share in the comment box.

















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