Best Beard  and Body Trimmers in 2018

          Are you looking for Best  Beard Trimmer? You are in right place. In an Age where well Being well groomed is a necessity, buying Best Beard Trimmer is essential. A Beard Trimmer is an important tool for men who want to keep a stubble or grow out their beard. A man with unkempt Beard and stubble is looked down by everyone. It is a sign of being unhygienic and shoddy and when you look around and see so many well-groomed men, it makes you feel Inferior. Subsequently, it affects your morale and Confidence

When you scan the racks of Beard Trimmers, all may look same and it is difficult to find out Best beard trimmer out of all. But there is a huge gap in performance though.

We will see a difference between Stubble and Beard Trimmer

A stubble Trimmer is different than a Beard Trimmer. Having said that, It is overstating to say that no Beard trimmer can give you perfect stubble look.A stubble trimmer should be able to trim your hair extremely short as short as 0.3-0.5 mm. Some beard trimmers do meet these requirements either with it’s dedicated setting or including separate stubble combs.

Criteria for Selecting  Best Beard Trimmer:

  1. Price:

Price is very Important criteria when selecting any product, But what really matters is that the actual value you get out of the respective amount you shed.



A big brand will still exist after 2 or 3 years after you purchase the Beard Trimmer. You can also resell the Beard Trimmer if you have bought it from good Brand. Also, Brand value helps sell the product faster.


3.Battery Powered versus corded Beard Trimmer:

It’s no rocket science that Battery powered Trimmer are more flexible than Corded ones. Cordless Beard Trimmer is easy to clean than their counterparts. But there is one issue with Battery powered trimmers. Corded Beard trimmer is more powerful therefore they cut your beard smoothly and at high speed without pulling off your facial hair. Also, they are rechargeable, there is no chance that the battery will die.


4.Charge level Indicator:

Charge level indicator is very important as it indicates you how long your battery is going to last.


5.Length Setting:

It is very important to have different length setting in a Beard Trimmer. It allows you to play around with the length of your beard.



A Beard trimmer with Interchangeable guard is useful when you want to use it other purposes than trimming your beard.


7.Maintenance of Blade:

Maintenance of a beard can be as simple as taking of beard guard and just emptying the hairs after you’re done with trimming. A waterproof trimmer is a great option for people who don’t have the patience for removing each and every hair from the blade.


8.Battery life:

Battery life of a Corded Beard is best criteria while choosing a Corded Beard Trimmer. The sad part is that Each and Every Beard Trimmer requires sufficient hours of charging and they are functional for only 30-40 minutes.



Always select Beard Trimmer with a body that consists of metal and plastic parts and beard guides made out of hard plastic.


Let’s see Cheerspro’s ranking for best beard trimmer in 2018 :


  1. Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer:

This beard trimmer has a sleek design which makes it easy to maneuver over the hairs and it works at lightning speed. There are many reasons this is the Best Beard Trimmer in the market.

The rubberized grip will allow full control no matter where you are using it(It can be anywhere). It uses super sharp stainless steel blades that are positioned at 45-degree angle to give you perfect trim every time. It can bypass through hardest, dense and luscious beard and body hair.

It Includes three comb. A body comb, A comb for Beard and B comb for a long beard. The setting is in the increments of 0.5 mm and allows you the adjust the blade from 0.5mm to 20mm. You can toggle through different settings even while you are trimming your hairs.

It is waterproof. Cleaning is very easy, just rinse it off with warm water for a few seconds and you are done. The slide up trimmer is a great addition if you are looking to style sideburns or trim unruly hairs.

The Panasonic ER-GB80S-S Body and beard trimmer provide 50 minutes of operational time when fully charged. It is a great option for travelers as it is compact enough to slip into the corner of your bag and also includes a universal travel adapter.



Best Trimmer


Due to its ability to be washable under a faucet, 50 minutes of non-stop charging and powerful and smooth trimming,39 precision setting in increments of 0.5 makes it the best option for all length of hair. Especially People with Coarser and long hair should go for it. Also, most important thing I forgot to mention, it doesn’t make a crackling sound while trimming(A great quality to have).



There are no vulnerabilities in this trimmer.

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2.Philips Norleco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer  7300:

It is one of them Best Beard trimmer for short Beard and stubble. Its compact design allows you to take while you are traveling. It also has a security lock function that does n’t allow it to start working accidently. It is made out of metal and plastic parts that conform to durability.

Vacuum function makes sure you don’t mess around with trimmed hairs in the entire room. When it vacuum’s hair it stores that hair in small door. The door area looks susceptible and you have to gently handle it while using and If it breaks the hair is going to fly around while you trim it.

Another great feature is it shows Beard length setting. It has one turbo button that can be used to increase the speed of cutting as well as the speed of vacuum. This Beard Trimmer has sharp Blades which gives comfortable trimming.

A turbo button is helpful when you want to trim thicker hairs like that on moustache and chin though it reduces operating time. It has 18 beard settings. When you have Beard guard equipped, it can trim beard as close as 1 mm until 18 mm.

If you remove the guard, it can trim your beard at 0.5 mm. It gives an operating time of 75 minutes but If you use Turbo button it can get less about 50 minutes. An hour of charging gives you a full charge.

Best TrimmerPhilips Norleco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer


Taking into consideration the vacuum function, turbo button, powerful trimming, short charging time and long lasting battery makes this Philips trimmer best for stubble and short beards.


Hair storage door susceptible to breakage if not handled carefully.

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3.Wahl 9818 Lithium lon stubble trimmer:

A Wahl 9818 Lithium lon stubble trimmer has stainless steel on external casting. I can take stainless steel any day over a plastic as it gives a more rugged look. Though It is a bit heavy to hold but added weight doesn’t restrict movement while trimming. It is slimmest of the Beard trimmer available in the market.

This amazing grooming kit is made in the USA and includes a range of exhaustive attachments that required to trim, style and maintain your beard and body hair. It includes detachable trimmer head, t-blade, detail shaver head, rotary detail head,6-position guide,3 standard trimmer guides,8-t-blade guides, and comb.

The Lithium Ion battery efficiently powers stainless steel blades every time you trim your hair. Therefore giving twice the torque and power that it needs. It can cut through hairs of any size like a walk in the park, Be rest assured. The most important feature that might decide selection is that it gives unprecedented  240 minutes(That’s almost unbelievable) of runtime on a single charge which approximately lasts an hour.

That’s more than any other beard trimmer in this price range. It is especially made of for those lazy dudes who always forget to charge.

Best Trimmer



Due to heavy stainless still casting, unprecedented operational time, ability to cut through the hair of any size makes it a must buy.



A heavyweight Beard Trimmer might not be on the bucket list on people who wants to buy Best Trimmer available in the market.

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Don’t be astounded by the price of these Beard Trimmers. They are the best Trimmers available in the market. A cheap trimmer might solve trim your hair properly, Though many don’t. It will leave your skin stretched and full of acne and blemishes. The reason why we see a lot of men on the road with acne and pimples all over there face, They don’t invest in good quality Trimmer. They think a cheaper Beard Trimmer is the best option available.


I hope you like my list Best  BeardTrimmers. Let me know in the comments box. I am planning to add more Beard trimmers in this very post in upcoming days so stay tuned. Try out these 3  Best Beard Trimmers and share your experience. Let me know in the comments box. I am planning to add more Beard trimmers in this very post in upcoming days so stay tuned. Try out these 3 Beard Trimmers and share your experience.








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