How to look taller:  6 Style tips to look taller you should follow

Are you someone who is not happy with your height and wants to look taller than you are? Generally, taller men are preferred by girls and also people give more importance to men who are taller.

We can’t change our height by using supplements and exercises that are recommended by experts. It is a marketing gimmick.

But, there are some tricks that we can do every day to make ourselves appear taller than we actually are.

There are some techniques you can use that can make sure that your clothes, accessories, and shoes are making you taller.

Let’s see style tips that we can follow to look taller. Looking taller is not that difficult by making some alteration in the way you dress and using some easy hacks.


  1. Make sure your clothing fits you :

I have said this many times in my articles and I am going to say it again. Wear fitted clothes. Remember, there is a big difference between fitted clothes and tight clothes.

Your clothes should not hug your body completely. It looks gross and unattractive. Fitted clothes show your body structure and make you’re an inch taller than you are.


  1. Keep Color contrast subtle:

What I mean by this is a contrast that cuts your body in half. This is especially important for shorter guys, if you are fond of wearing a black and white contrast, then you should think of giving it up. Black and white shirt or denim or vice versa is the biggest contrast one could ever wear. So, always wear subtle contrast colors like green and navy blue, white and cream etc.

It won’t cut your torso and upper body that much and will make you appear bit taller.


  1. Wear high rise pants:

This is very common in women’s fashion. Women on rap wear high rise pants, it shows there less and waistline and makes them appear taller.

Men should also take the leaf out of women’s page and start wearing high rise pants. It would make give you definition and makes your legs taller and leaner.


  1. Stay away from stuffed jeans at ankle:

The fit of the jeans is as imperative as the length. Length of the jeans can make and break your look. Jeans should never stuff at your ankle. When it does, it makes you appear baggy, short and shabby.

It hides your legs in that crumpled clothing. Also, regarding length, your jeans should stretch more than your ankles. The length and clean look of your jeans make definitely make you look inch taller.


  1. Maintain Right posture:

We talk about wearing fitted clothes. But, what about maintaining correct posture. I have seen many men pay no attention at all to their posture.

You should walk with your head held up high, looking straight. Never walk in crouching or sloppy position. Always look up never look down.

Right posture can easily add 2 inches to your height. You can practice correct posture every day in front of the mirror.


  1. Wear height increasing insole:

If you really want to increase your height instantly, there is no better way than wearing a height increasing insole. There are sole which can increase your height by at least 6 inches.


But, these have an added disadvantage, if you stuff insoles into shoes that you normally wear they may not be comfortable and you would need to buy shoes one size bigger. Also, wearing height increasing insoles for a longer period of times can be comfortable and at times may hurt shoe feet as well.


These are the 6 tips that anyone can do to make themselves look taller and get the confidence back.

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