5 skincare products every man needs to get glowing and clear skin

5 skincare products every man needs to get glowing and clear skin

Skin or face is very important part of appearance.The face is the first thing anyone’s notice. In order to leave a positive impression, we need to take care of our skin.

There are many skincare products available in the market for different skin types. It is very difficult to choose what skincare products we must have.Henceforth, I have compiled a list of skincare products every man needs to get a glowing and clear skin.

I will also be suggesting what products I use and what your car try out.

Let’s get started :




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Facewash is must have for every man.Men’s skin is more thick and rough than women.Most men have very oily skin as they don’t use any products it gets more oily and greasy as dirt and dust sets on the skin.Therefore, often en suffers from frequent breakouts and pimples.One of the reasons for men having extremely dry and rough skin is, they often go for bike rides especially during winters.Using a facewash to clean your face is paramount to have good skin.

I was using  WOW activated charcoal facewash, this facewash is made without chemical particles and you must try this out.

Lately, I am using Zofla rose water to clean my face.What I do is that, clean my skin with warm water so that it opens up the pores and then splash  Zofla rose water all over my skin and with Cotton ball clean my face in an upward direction.My skin feels soft and supple afterward.

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2.Moisturizer :

We just talked about how imperative a facewash is for your skin.And one product that goes hand in hand with facewash is  Moisturizer.Mens Moisturizer helps your skin energized and hydrated. It helps to prevent your skin from becoming too dry and oily. If you just use Facewash and Moisturizer for rest of your life, you will prevent a majority of skin issues that take center stage as you age.Best time to use Moisturizer is right facewash.When you use facewash, it strips the skin of its natural moisture and oils which are essential to maintaining right ph balance.By using a moisturizer you help your skin retain the lost moisturizer and essentials oils.A good moisturizer prevents water from evaporating and in the process drying out your face.

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I use Aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. I have normal to dry skin and my skin feels hydrated and rejuvenated after using aloe vera gel.

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3. Sunscreen :


Need I say anything about sunscreen? Sunscreen is must have for all men.Our skin is damaged most by UV rays and artificial light that we encountered on daily basis.

Sunscreen is formulated in such a way that it creates a shield on our skin that prevents UV rays from penetrating our skin.Always use a Sunscreen which provides a broad spectrum which protects our skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

The higher the SPF factor in the sunscreen is, the longer time and strong protection it will provide against UVA and UV B rays.

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My most favorite sunscreen, which I have been using for the longest time is Lotus Sunscreen. I Use SPF 50  as it has water-based consistency and gives me strong protection from the sun for at least 2 hours.Use sunscreen after every 2 hours to get effective results.

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4. Eye Cream :


An eye cream has caught a lot of boom and traction in recent years as part of Men’s skin care products.Men are more aware of their dark circles than before and want to desperately get rid of under eye dark circles.There is more reason for under eye dark circles than just dirt and pollution. Best way to reduce under-eye puffiness is to wear an under eye cream. Though it is difficult to find a good under eye cream in the budget for men. I have tried multiple eye cream from Biotique to Nivea but all failed miserably to deliver any results.

Since past two weeks, I am using a Multipurpose cream called ‘Kailash Jeevan’ and I couldn’t be more happier.This cream is free of chemical products and has smell like a camphor which many people may not like.But trust me guys, this is the best cream I have used for my Under eye circles. I could see my skin under the eye is getting bit lighter.


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5. Face Scrub :

Face scrub is as important as a Facewash or sunscreen for men.Due to the presence of impurities and grime on the skin.Our pores get clogged and skin starts to see breakouts and damages.

The main reason to use Face scrub is to remove dead skin and make your skin look rejuvenated.Dead skin makes your skin looks dull and lifeless.So, it is very important for you to remove those dead skin cells and get the glow back on your skin.

For men with Normal, dry to oily skin, you have the luxury to scrub your face three times a week, For men with sensitive and acne prone skin, scrub your skin only once and also avoid using facewash on days you use a face scrub.

When you scrub your face, don’t be too overbearing and harsh, just take two dollops of scrub and gently massage your face for a minute or two.

I use Patanjali Apricot face scrub. It has very nice fragrance and it worked really well for my skin. I highly recommend this Face scrub to all the men.


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These are the 5 Skincare products every man needs to get the glowing and clear skin.Summers are here and it becomes even more imperative to up your skincare routine.Be consistent with your skincare routine and you will see the results over time.




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