5 Shirts Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe: Guide to look stylish in shirts

Today we are going talk about 5 Shirts Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe.

Shirts are an Essentials part of every Man’s wardrobe. Shirts are generally worn to get a matured and suave look. There are many different types of shirts available in the market. Not many people know when to wear what type of shirts and in the process end up making a mockery of their appearance. Men only two types of shirts one are Formal shirts and other one are casual shirts. But, there are more to shirts just formal and casual.


Let’s check what types of shirts made it to the list 5 Shirts Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe.


  1. White Oxford Shirt :

Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe


First Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe is White Oxford Shirt.

White Oxford Shirts are the most versatile shirts of all. It is a perfect way to start for men who want to buy shirts. A right chosen White oxford shirt is value for money because you can style it in many different ways. You can pair up with chinos with cool sunglasses. You can wear on a date to impress your girl or a night.You can wear it with jeans. If you want to dress up, you can wear same white oxford shirt under a jacket or a well-fitted suit.

As I have mentioned many times in my previous article that a shirt should a slim fit and if it is not,  make sure to spend extra bucks to get it tailored.

A crisp and slim fit oxford shirt are worn with various combinations won’t even give people a hint to know that you are wearing the same shirt.

An important tip, don’t wear an extremely tight white Oxford shirt so that you can’t even raise your shoulders. It looks tacky and a put-off. Try to look for a White oxford shirt without any patterns, logo or any evasive details.

You need a clean slate. Hence, it makes it easier to match it with different looks.


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  1. Black Shirt :


Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe


Second Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe is Black Shirt.


Now that we have talked about White Shirt, how can we forget Black Shirt. Black is considered as a color Night and glamour.But it is a just a myth, you can wear a Black shirt as a part of daywear also.


I am kind of fan all Black look. You can wear a well-fitted black shirt with either slim fit jeans, chinos or even distressed jeans and pair it up with Black sneakers.


If you want, you can wear a Black shirt with white or blue jeans to give that contrast. Also, you can wear a Black undershirt and pair it up with a white suit and Black trousers and black shoes for parties, weddings or even meetings.


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  1. Checked Shirt :


Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe

Third Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe is Checked Shirt.

Checked shirts are a wardrobe staple and look really good. Many people consider checked shirt for casual wear only.But, if you styled it a bit of thought in mind you can even pull off a smart casual look.

I would recommend you to buy a thin cotton shirt. The reason being, in India, the weather is hot and humid all year round, it is more viable.

A most convenient way to design a checked shirt is to wear it as an undershirt, you can either button up or open the button to get a different look. A white shirt is the best undershirt to wear.

Shirts with smaller checks gives less bold and cleaner look and are best for smarter occasions. You can pair up with neutral color chinos, trousers or jeans to compliment the look.

Shirts with wider checks are best for a casual occasion and you can pair up with skinny jeans. You can even go for a street look with distressed or ripped jeans.


Darker colored shirts may be worn with darkish denim or chinos and carried out as semi-formal, mainly when paired with a few brogue boots and covered up with a smart coat, like a peacoat.


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  1. Mandarin Collar Shirt :


Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe


Fourth Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe is Mandarin Collar Shirt.


Mandarin Collar or Chinese collar as they known have caught up traction amongst Indian men. The Best way to rock Chinese collar is to keep things minimalistic. Now, that summer is just around the corner, a Chinese collar shirt coupled up with casual trousers, jeans or pair of loafers looks really fresh.

There are not of looks you can try with a Chinese collar shirt.You have very few looks to try. You cannot play much with a color of jeans.You are left with only footwear to experiment. You can wear kolhapuri chappals, loafer or canvas shoes.

Don’t wear high ankle shoes or brogues with Chinese collar shirt. It looks too blingy and takes attention away from Chinese collar.

Keep it simple and well fitted.


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  1. Denim Shirt:

Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe

Fifth  Best Shirt Every Guy Needs in his Wardrobe is Mandarin Collar Shirt.

Denim Shirt is hot property nowadays. The reason being it just elevates your looks upside down. It is probably the most stylish shirt a man can own in his closet. But, styling a denim shirt can be a tricky proposition.

Denim shirts are generally worn on a casual day out but by mixing smart stuff, you can smarten the denim shirt as well.

You can wear denim shirt as a light jacket. You can wear any outfit by wearing a denim shirt over it. For a day look, wear it on a white t-shirt and for a night look wear it with a black tee. To flaunt under a tee, button your tee half way up.

I am really up for triple denim look, to be honest. You can pair up your denim shirt, trousers of jeans with denim loafer to get a symmetry.Trust, me it looks chic.Double denim look also looks chic, pair it up with high ankled brown Chelsea boots.


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These are 5 shirts every guy needs in his wardrobe. Talking about sleeve length, I would advise you to first buy all 5 shirts in full sleeves. Then, go for short sleeves shirt. The reason being full sleeves shirt gives you more option and for men who are on a budget, they should always look for shirts of clothes which versatile.













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