The 4 shades of Denims Every Guy Should have in his closet in 2018: Best Denim Guide

Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing every men can have in their wardrobe. They are also the most confusing to shop due variety of brands, washes and shades of jeans  available in the market.


shades of Denims

It also gets confusing when and where should you wear a certain colors.

Jeans are staple in every man’s closet regardless of his age and lifestyle but the options are endless.

Today, the main motive of writing this article is to let you know which are the must have 4 shades of Denims every Guy should have in his closet to look stylish and suave at the same time.


Let’s start the countdown to 4 shades of Denim every guy should own in his Closet in 2018.


  1. Dark Wash:


shades of Denims


When we talk about shades of denim, dark wash jeans I probably the most sought after and favorite of all men. A dark wash jean is the most versatile of all shades. If you are starting out with jeans, this should be the first color you must buy. It is the one that is the most easiest to dress up. It has twofold benefits. You can pair up with your casual t-shirt in a lazy and relax day. But, also when you want to experiment with your Business casual look. Think, no further than a dark wash jeans.You can wear a nice and sophisticated color shoes preferable Brown to look classy and sophisticated. You can chose to wear blazers, overcoats and a simple polo t-shirt to rock these dark jeans.

If you are teaming up with a simple t-shirt, you can wear a leather watch and bracelet or Kadas (Indian men loves to wear it) and take the look to next level.

Make sure you don’t go for saturated color in your shirt, t-shirt or whatever you are wearing on top ,you will be sorted in your look. You can dress up and dress down Dark wash denim as per your choice.


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  1. Light Wash:


shades of Denims



Next shade of denim every guy should own is a simple yet elegant Light Wash Denim.

People are Light wash denim a younger brother of Dark wash denims. The reason why, it losses the top spot, it is not as versatile as Dark wash denims. Light wash denims has more of a casual feel to it. (Remember, Always wear light colors during day).You can wear it for your college, park, summer party and a lazy day out with friends. It has a very summery and light feel about it.

Light wash denim is harder to pull off, as there are chances that the a wrong top can make you look like a loafer.

So, what I do is I wear light wash denims during day and pair them earthy color Shirt and t-shirt.

Always prefer light wash denim when you want to dress down and have more casual vibes to your look.


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  1. Black Denims:


shades of Denims

Penultimate piece of denim shade every man must own are super stylish Black Denims, If you are a night owl or a night person or your work or lifestyle involves getting out of your home at night. Then, you must own a pair of Black jeans. No piece of clothing or color can complement night vibes and feelings other than Black denims. The reason for designing black denims was to bridge the gap between Street wear and Formal Wear. You can dress up a black jeans by teaming it up with brogues and a blazer and dress down by simply throwing in a white color t-shirt or a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers.

I prefer to dress them up as it brings lot of qualities to my persona and it look stylish as well.

Black denims are best alternative to dark denims and you must own a black jean s as it gives you many looks and character as well.


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  1. Light Grey :


shades of Denims


Last shades of Denim every man must have in his closet are these light grey jeans. Light Grey jeans probably the least versatile of all denim shades. It is a really cool shade and also most difficult to pull it off. That is the reason why this shade fall into fourth place. You should buy this color only after you buy above 3.

Light grey jeans are best for spring and summer. Due to lighter shade they feel less heavy in summers than standard dark colors. You can wear them with simple t-shirt. Shirt or smart shoes would really enhance the look.

Grey also looks great on smart and formal wear. But opt for casual wear as it is easy to get away with. If you have a body like a model and photogenic face then you must go for formal and business casual look in grey jeans.


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These are the top 4 shades of denims every man must own in his closet in 2018 to look dapper, stylish and smart.

You should have all these 4 colors in your wardrobes as it gives you many options and looks to experiment with.

Always buy little expensive jeans as it lasts you for good 4-5 years atleast.

Light Denims are best for casual and summer wear during day time’s .Dark wash and black denims gives you the choice to dress up and down. And, the dark house, Grey jeans can be extremely stylish and trend setter If you dress them well.


I hope you are going to start shopping for denims.

Summers are coming .Grab al these Denim shades and look stylish













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